American Dream Will Come True If Your Friends Are in Hillary’s Team

Hillary Clinton's team members use their relations to promote friends and avoid some laws.

There is no secret that the American political system has been nothing else but a sort of family business for a long time. The White House as well as the Department of State and other high offices of government departments see different families alternating. If you happen to be a member of such a ‘family’, the most prestigious schools, colleges or universities will open their doors for you. Offering diverse internships, federal departments and agencies enrich these ambitious students’ records of accomplishments by the time they graduate. Here begins a climb of a young grad backed by his more or less famous folks to the Capitol or the White House. Ever since, he or his entourage has no trouble that can’t be fixed.

Well, the US has been already used to ignore this injustice. It is commonly known that average guys have no chance to lead ever the country, they have no little guarantee to make it, no matter where they are from – New York or the Midwest, the South or the West coast, no matter how patriotic or smart they are. While we, the Americans, are forced to live with this inevitable devil, not only the most powerful individuals from Washington, D.C., use their influence to settle down their relatives’ problems. Even those who have less power, benefiting from being close to Washington icons as a confident ally, help to tackle their fellows’ problems.

Capricia Marshall, a former Chief of Protocol, who is currently serving as a special assistant of Hillary Clinton in her presidential race, is pleased to do such favors to her friends or to major business players.

Mrs. Marshall is truly known to have been asked for “help and advice” by her old fellow Richard Johnson, a sports lawyer, in May 2015, a source close to Clinton’s team reported.

The issue is that his partner Nelroy Jones, with whom they have been in a relationship for around two years, is originally from Jamaica. Living in the US since 1999 he was willing to naturalize but got a refuse. He came to the USA on a student visa, but quitted his studies. After getting married in 2006, he got a green card in 2007. In 2010, having realized that he was a gay for sure and there was no sense to be with the woman he had no longer any relationship with, he divorced. So, an Immigration Services Officer concluded that it was a marriage fraud and declined his request for American citizenship. Was he wrong? Nobody can tell, life happens, that’s all.

Amid that, there is a confusing fact: Mrs. Marshall is reported to have used her political connections in order to do a favor to her friend in trouble by changing the Officer’s legal decision. She has admitted then, in private talk with our source, that once she had learned about Johnson’s problem, Capricia got in touch with her old acquaintance Tomas Corrigan who is likely to be her party fellow, a veteran Democrat from Pennsylvania. With no doubts, he is able to put the heat on the Federal officials through his old contacts which was exactly what Johnson was begging Marshall for.

Mr. Johnson asked her to get in touch with Sen. Sherrod Brown. It was another Mr. Brown, a former Immigration Attorney in Cleveland who had told him to take this step. The same Mr. Brown served in the office where Nelroy’s case was examined. “As the Administration belongs to the Democrats, a call from Sen. Brown to the Cleveland Officer’s Chief will be enough “, said he to Mr. Johnson. Think about it! An attorney gives a piece of advice on how to force a local office of Federal Service to do whatever you want! What’s wrong with this country?

Giving a hand to some friends or good acquaintances is truly decent, but applying for personal contacts to manipulate legal and objective decisions taken by Federal Officials is a shame for a former high-ranking official of the Department of State. Capricia Marshall, however, is certain to have another point of view.

The US is sure to be the land of opportunity only if your friends are in Hillary’s team!


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