Anarchist Critic against Sticker Solidarity with Rojava

Statement to, two very popular anticapitalist groups in Germanys radical left scene to the fight of YPG/YPJ in curdistan against turkish state, against Islamic State, for a kurdish state under socialist label of the PKK supporting left- scene, which is also supported by german activists (like in the Antifa Rheinhessen, a local left group calling them self antifascist - - accepted and socialised), asking for weapons for their political action out of anarchist ideology view.;

Both Organisations call for weapons for the YPG/YPJ with the slogan : support a free society!

Which kind of freedom they are meaning when these society needs weapons to KILL Human Beings, to protect their freedom, instead to be able to talk with Humans to make them decide to give them their freedom by free will ?!

This society is slaved by their tools of being forced to war - Its not free at all!

Even if this is ignored as necessary step for a free society building; from where these weapons are coming?

Who is making benefit with it?

Who is creating them and under which conditions the workers creating them are living?

Are they free as well?

Will they participate from the freedom of those using these weapons?

is needing a weapon-seller between the weapon-creator-workers and the weapon users, a act of free society building? out of anarchist view, these organisations of radical left, cant be pat of a radical left ideology utopy anarchist wishing. its so necessary that anarchists start to boycott and distance them self from those people and organisations and every society group supporting them! Killing Human Beings by active Killing cant be radical left principle inside a struggle for an emancipated world!

There is no excuse for it!

Let people die by their own destruction interacting to kill themselves without acting active for their death, which building up a antifascist wall (so the PKK Groups could ask for Bricks instead for weapons!) would realise, these kind of protection of anti-authority principle inside left-wing combat against slavering world order, much more better as to become criminals of authority by our selves, even its also the easiest way and a easy excuse to stay political incorrect, too. There is no alternative to include even authority social violent human beings inside a build-up of post-capitalist world in a peacefully (which is not meaning that you are not allowed to interact with them in a militant, violent action; but keeps their right to be a living being to have the right to exist!) way.

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