Violence at Finnish ReclaimTheCape Camp

Short summary of events last days at ReclaimTheCape in Pyhajoki, Finland
Police brutality, unwarranted arrests and evictions, and other crazy stuff!

In the afternoon of April 28, 2016 is the peaceful roadblock and occupied camp (on private land, where police can NOT) in Pyhäjoki clears violently.
arrested many comrades still much uncertainty about the number of apprehended people total, and which ...
Call for spreading news, solidarity actions and information in other media!

April 28, 11:00 - Four brave people are on the main road to the workplace for the new build nuclear reactor in Pyhäjoki, Finland, in a Lockon between two large oil barrels filled with cement. Several comrades lay several blockades in order to halt the possible work again as long as possible. see no police, security dares to come not near, all peaceful, sunny and even for Finnish standards.
13:00 - At least seven large riot buses full of pigs drive to within a few dozen meters from the blockades, and stand in line.
13:15 - The side road to the occupied camp is bordered by a cordon ME, after which most comrades back to the blockade on the camp itself. Police begin disconnecting lockons, this obviously takes quite harshly and painfully. The first being arrested the medic, a translator, a supporter of the gelockten, and a photographer. Only when these are discharged starts "work" on the gelockten. This was done without any supervision from outside. There was shouting, threatened with pepper spray and tasers, and the fourth gelockten there anyway 2 taken to the hospital.
13:45 - The ME begin to move toward the camp blockade, and hence they flood the camp by rubber bullets, even to people who already show in the air with hands not to oppose. Some managed to escape into the swamp and the woods around the camp, most of them are arrested. The entire kitchen crew kept silent in the kitchen, and was eventually fired, discharged, and later told that they are all arrested for "violence against an officer in function."

April 29, from 'sochtends early - Some comrades of the roadblock are already free, with only a fine for not listening to (in Finnish shouted) "evidence" of the police.
April 29, afternoons - Collecting in the old camp in bosbezetting, a few kilometers from the workplace and the occupied camp, where there is still much confusion reigns about who is where and when it is picked up, which, for how long, and even what office they are discharged.
17:00 - Large police forces now at old camp, probably this will also be cleared at this time (17:30), again illegally, as was the owner's permission to stay here.

For now all this, check for other news, hopefully tonight or tomorrow an update!
Peace out, stay strong, ACAB, StopFennovoima!


02-05-2016, 13:00 - Contact embassy Be well as Nl, four still held without contact information, without a lawyer, without rights, without outwardly known indictment. Small chance of release, most likely today be transferred to "real cell", not yesterday due May 1 Worker's Day. Also probably still at least 4 to 6 other persons, both from Finland and abroad.

The group still wanted to stay together to regroup, discuss further actions, etc., is still last night by one or two owners of a piece of land with an ax chased / chainsaw. No injuries, eventually everyone safe. Many material and personal belongings are now well gone, abandoned, demolished by the pigs, or something. Most (maybe all ... almost ... approximately) of kitchen equipment is secured. For now reside different people in different places, in relative safety, with or without property.

Hopefully later today news / message from embassies on "our four", and newly established legal-aid is also working on information about other prisoners, so far nothing is known. Probably still stuck in Raahe or Kaahajoki, today or transfer to Oulu.


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