Houston Entrepreneur Focuses Efforts on Climate

Houston's Dakota Stormer, 23-year-old engineer and co-founder of tech start-up Technicology, is leading the sustainable energy transition through innovation. After attending a leadership training with Al Gore in Los Angeles, he and his team have started development of an app for challenging your friends and colleagues to reduce their impact.

It is no secret that the climate is rapidly changing. High temperature records are broken year after year across the world, and coastal cities are already beginning to see the effects of the rising oceans. At society's current pace, we could see unparalleled, catastrophic consequences of climate change - but leaders from across the world are gathering constantly to change our trajectory.

From Houston, Texas, one young leader has made strides to accelerate our transition to a sustainable future. At only 23 years old, Dakota Stormer has started a new tech company while working full-time in the energy industry and attending graduate school in energy policy and climate change studies.

"Our focus is to help people from across the world feel connected to the climate crisis," said Dakota. "As the current projections are often discouraging, we want to help people take action. One of our apps, Footprint, will give people an outlet to make a difference."

Dakota recently returned to Houston after representing his team at the Climate Reality Leadership Training with Al Gore in Los Angeles, where he engaged with scientists, activists, and entrepreneurs from over 50 different countries.

"Al Gore's leadership training was inspirational, and I am excited to begin working with this diverse group of leaders on solutions to the climate crisis."

Dakota's team plans to release the app in January of 2019 after collaboration with experts from across the world. To learn more about the app and his team's efforts, visit www.mytechnicology.com.

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