Families Flock to Ybor Church of Scientology for Labor Day Celebration

Families from all around the Tampa Bay area joined Scientology parishioners for a classic American BBQ to celebrate Labor Day in historic Ybor Square , the home of the Church of Scientology of Tampa.

Grandmothers and grandchildren, mothers and fathers with daughters and sons, sisters and brothers, and groups of friends, ate hamburgers and hot dogs hot off the grill and with all the fixin’s. About 300 people came and played; bounced in the bouncy house, played with toys, and laughed at our local chicken family.

When the afternoon shower started, many repaired to the Chapel to watch a movie, so of course there was fresh popcorn, brownies and cake.

“It ’s so nice that they do this for the community.” said one grandmother while watching her grandson trade dance moves with a boy he hadn’t known before.

And amid all the fun, other community services were delivered: the free English as a Second Language class was attended by nine, and a similar amount signed up for a free finance seminar for later in the week.

The Labor Day cook out was an all American success!

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