Antifascist Junkie

Heroine addiction infection in Berlin Friedrichshain,Junkie in Doctors hands,he did the responsible for the antifascist event remambrance to Silvio Mayer had been killed by nazis here,Station amariter Strasse.Antifascist Manifestation in Berlin is made by junkies ????? Boy forced into,or what ???

Heard Spandau 50 Nazis,read Junkies inside ,and 250 Nazis Friedrichshain,Junkies go out ,..more think they need that GREEN Özdemir here ,social system.Antifascist Cafe driven into the mud ....ttwo years american....arts,For the pills ask Noel,the CS-gas school girls used in the eighties getting ito political ovement ask the used it against Junkie heard ,then story went up to see For Art ask at a Kita in Marzahn.Raped WORKS in Hospital Urban Kreuzberg by luck....then .More than tales then .

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