Fbi assassins go too far

As a veteran and former fbi agent, I confirm that fbi are at once traitors and hoodlums.

DOD has 'other' fish to fry, but VA does not like fbi forcing war vets into suicide, prison, mental wards, or into deadly domestic confrontation with police and fbi, especially vets with PTSD & other similar scars.

After all why should a soldier who went into battle for his country be forced upon return 'home' to face cowards and traitors in fbi who are psychopathic serial killers & torturers who, in most instances, are more despicable than many enemies encountered on battlefield.

I have never known a brave fbi agent, but I have associated at arms length, & to my surprise and chagrin, with numerous thugs, hoodlums and assassins in the 'burro' (aka fbi). Many fbi agents train their wives to be equally mean, sneaky and homicidal.

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