Vietnamese ,15,opiated

We are not the doctor !!!!

Handy stolen ,ex-boxfriend still on H morning ,but now an methadone ,evening ,looking like Kudamm Schabracke,thought ,looked like Meret Becker ...ameri,can slang ,coffee eyed ,took some drug stuff ,we are not the expert,.not the dealer,touched and dissapeared,two mallorca spain ,beer in cafe ,exhibitionist one fair ,still obey to the turkish qwner s order....cannot more ,bleeding awfully since November ,one maifestation with pro palestinian rapist ,invented one man in prison ,all two to three weeks,no person caring ....when asked not to eat Zielona Gora he cooked there ,queer scene ,jewish lesbian,,care for your own elder women ,sorry,if hungry and want to do me the dirty job in her age ...called at BEGINE ,believed a womans Voice she is Igor ,Last name after found near calling place ...russian,ucrainian partner service try ...late night a tape,no partner service is said,dies polices ( Versicherung ),after strange contact ,we not fit together ....but sex ,his family does polices ,ambulance driver ,and so on ,someones partent hurted in Hospital..

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