dschungel und Berliner Grenze

Hes yout Tom,Baby...

Neue Arbeitsloseninitiative fuer B. und Freund ?,sanktionsfrei.de oder irgendwas mit Sanktion ,bloed von und wegen Sozialspitzeln,ist wohl nur fuer Leute mit JC-Sanktionen ,oder anderen Umoeglichkeiten ? Zwei jahre gewuergt im Arbeitslosensystem hungrig und fruehbetroffen ? Berliner Grenzen sind andere ,ja ??? Dann auch ,wzei Jahre Prostituiert Parkluecke,gehauen im Arbeitsverhaeltnis,hetero,eingesperrt ,kurz,Urelaub in Bayern ,dann Tip.Ins Krankenhaus,Berliner Moeglichkeiten ,fuck as before take train to airport ??? Or roma,loves palestinaan colured nightsskirt for Heilpraktiker ...Kiras close out ,go and eat with your husband in Sanssoucs or bedroom...but this is not your business other peoples underwear ,we not eat sabdals for rome ,but Rome...we eat....we are not the technic.Guru Hoese phaenomene or German server blocked by Guru ???

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Drugs in rape case

nn 04.Nov.2018 18:28

Arrived Berlin girl from Hameln,raped by arefugee,before at home her consume of drigs was critizised mostly by female friends,had to live with male relatives and went on,was okay,than raped,left small town,traveled in foreign country.lived okay in the city of Goettingen !,landed in Berlin,in Hospital Urban was threatened with her old medicament Olazepan,warning NOT TAKE ,makes you only "platt" ,( translation see jargon german slang word,dictionary) despite of her demand to see FRAUENHAUS ,if she tells comical stories about being (her) raped is possible in this or a hospital,see Sachsen-Anhalt,Medical doctor,guess male,ambulant,seduction ,sexual actions,cocaine ,told rape,for your opinion building ),we do not have rape stories token place in a hospital.Money you get for prostitution secredly or open from turkish friend around age of 60 in Neukoelln,sorry,if you are under 24 private room in rats graves,exactly betomloch,hole made of beton, quality is ,but ask the correct socialworkers club,Babelsberg men will fera you after sex and want ,but fear the woman,and sorry for the Wildwasser adresses ,had been tipped by doorworkers ,fresh found we guess between 23 and 3.30 o ´clock weekend by neight,sorry,but the ads are for the pedocriminal victims...same Berlin shit than always and for every time.THEY DO NOT LIKE WOMan and we get distanced from a lesbian scene,we had the Birk in context and the Friedrichshain had the Judenheino -Beraterin as a come-to-their-home....eh ?