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charles webster baer, 25.04.2009 04:05

lets save earth today




Chers lecteurs,
vous aurez surement été informés dans la presse et les blogs de ces jours, de l'acquisition faite par la Gendarmerie genevoise de 3 tasers.


meluzine, 25.04.2009 15:35

We are a part of the collective of ELBA squat in Warsaw, Poland.
Elba is a two houses squat separated by a line. One side consists of a house and a wagenburg [trailer park] and the other side consists of the second house, a concert hall, and a bar. The other side has also a space for numerous workshops, a FOOD NOT BOMB’s kitchen, a skate park and a freeshop.
Both sides have different owners so the first house, squatted in 2004, is not in danger now but the second one, as well as the venue, both squatted in 2007, is to be torn down as the price market is favourable for the owner now.
The possible eviction would affect 12 people living on this side and a place for some of the D.I.Y/alternative culture activities in Warsaw.

(Barcelona, Spain) two recent communiques from Amadeu Casellas: We have two classes of justice, that of the rich and that of the workers

Luther Blissett, 24.04.2009 20:30

Two recent communiques from Amadeu Casellas, long time anarchist political prisoner in Barcelona, Spain about his current situation and the beginning of a new hunger strike which will last until his release. Amadeu's last hunger strike in 2008 lasted 77 days.

DC Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee Addresses Washington Democrats

Franklin Garcia, 24.04.2009 15:50

Chancellor Michelle Rhee answers questions from DC residents about the DC Public School System.

Refugees in a sick Italy / Rifugiati in un'Italia malata [video]

TomMilano, 24.04.2009 15:09

After sleeping long periods in dormitories [man and woman seperated] in Milan and although most of them officialy recognized as political refugee, some hundreds of african and asian refugees decided to occupy a empty building in Bruzzano, near Milan City. The rightwing city-authorities send a mass of police-forces to throw them out of the building on Tuesday 21 april 2009. The refugees protested in Bruzzano and the police reacted with brutal violence as the images [thank you manifesta 18] clearly show. After the first clash they marched to Milan where the police continued to act with a surely racist motivated violence. The night they sleeped in the park near piazza Venezia and on wedneday 22 april they organized a manifestation in the center [video]. After another night in the park the police came with huge forces, they encircled the people in less and less space and...brought them to the police headquarters to "identify the people" operation already terminated some days before in Bruzzano. The video-images give an rather clear image of this shocking and repulsive operation. The refugees accept for the moment a temporary -two weeks- return to the dormitories. The failing racist municipality will need almost to years to find a normal solution.

communiqué et appel de sôs soutien ô sans papiers

sôs soutien ô sans papiers, 24.04.2009 14:02

communiqué et appel de sôs soutien ô sans papiers

How to Add DK’s Talent

obaoma, 24.04.2009 13:00

How to Add DK’s Talent

Cirque Berzerk Returns to Downtown LA

Lynn Hasty, Green Galactic, 24.04.2009 08:50

Cirque Berzerk returns this summer to the Los Angeles State Historic Park in downtown LA for at least three weekends of jaw-dropping acrobatics, stunning aerialists, fiery burlesque dancers, gothic stilt walkers, punk rock clowns, psychedelic vaudevillian tomfoolery, contortionists and an original dark, sexy musical score.

Veggie Pride 2009

marjo, 24.04.2009 07:25

Veggie Pride – Lyon/Milan/Prague 16 mai 2009

Lettre d'info 23 avril 2009

1/ Veggie Pride à Lyon : rendez-vous et infos pratiques

2/ Nouveau site [->]

3/ Forum des petites annonces

4/ Préparation du défilé quand un inmposteur fasciste essaye de s'imposer sur les site indymedia francophones

anti fascistes, 24.04.2009 03:48

Article de nouvelle tentative d'infiltration fasciste sur indymedia

Guillain-Barré Overlap syndrome: Signs &amp; Symptoms

Malcolm Everett, 23.04.2009 23:42

Symptoms od GBS overlap syndrome may parallel those of meningitis or meningoencephalitis. A typical pattern includes an insidious onset of symptoms over a period of hours to several days during springtime.

The Shortwave Report 4/24/09 Listen Globally!

Dan Roberts, 23.04.2009 23:22

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.

All About Guillain Barre syndrome

OMNI MedSearch, 23.04.2009 23:15

Guillain-Barre Syndrome has several variants depending on their symptoms, preceding infection, duration of inflammatory phase, severity, they are less common in children than in adults.

Homelessness and the Crisis: Status-quo politics offer no solution

Paul Joseph Poposky, 23.04.2009 22:14

Examining the crisis and its effects on the newly homeless, critique of Democratic Party status quo strategies for "dealing with the homeless", suggested policies to address real causes of homelessness


Boston Socialist Alternative, 23.04.2009 19:57

Massachusetts Socialist Conference Leaflet SUNDAY MAY 3RD 10:00AM-6:00PM Socialist Alternative invites you to participate in workshops and discussions about the issues that affect all our lives. An economic crisis and a new president have created new challenges for working people. Socialist Alternative stands for fundamental change, a break from corporate politics, and for economic and political power in the hands of the working class.

Guillain Barre Overlap Syndrome

Malcolm Everett, 23.04.2009 19:37

What to watch for: an overlapping spectrum of unusual presenting symptoms and/or atypical variants of GBS

Guillain Barre syndrome: The Untold Story

Malcolm Everett, 23.04.2009 19:19

Athough the Guillain-Barre syndrome is a relatively uncommon condition, the consequences of a missed diagnosis and delayed treatment can be catastrophic, especially when No diagnosis is made and the patient is simply treated as routine.

US-Tea-Party: Zwischen Hysterie und Aberwitz

Boris Bäcker, 23.04.2009 18:43

USA TEA PARTYS Amerikas Rechte versucht mit organisierten Aufmärschen eine Art nationale Bewegung gegen Obama ins Leben zu rufen - doch nicht alle Republikaner lassen sich von den Tea Partys mitreißen. Die Regierung bleibt indes betont gelassen. Ein paar hundert Demonstranten stehen im Regen. Sie geben patriotisches Liedergut zum Besten und posieren vor den Kameras. Nach einer Bewegung soll es aussehen. Für das Abendprogramm wird Aufruhr inszeniert. ....

ACT NOW - Surfer Protest gegen EU-Abstimmung

Hans Özdeman, 23.04.2009 17:31

ACT NOW Limitierung der Surfer Protest gegen EU-Abstimmung .... Am 5. Mai 2009 wird es eine Abstimmung im EU Parlament zu den umstrittenen Internetsperren geben. ... Das freie Netz scheint in Gefahr, warnt man auf "Blackout Europe". Nach dieser Abstimmung wird es "keinen Weg zurück geben!" Wenn unter dem Aktenzeichen COD/2007/0247 am 5. Mai in Brüssel ein Beschluss gefasst wird, dann kann dies weitreichende Konsequenzen für alle bedeuten, die das Internet nutzen. "Jeder Eigentümer einer Website hat ein Interesse an der Verteidigung der freien Nutzung des Internets ... jeder, der Google oder Skype nutzt ... alle, die ihre Meinung frei äußern, überall in der Forschung, unabhängig davon, ob es z. B. um die persönliche Gesundheit oder wissenschaftlichen Studien geht ... jeder, der einen Online-Shop betreibt ... der Termine online verwaltet ... der in sozialen Netzwerken unterwegs ist, ... der Musik hört, ... der Video schaut..." kurz JEDER, der Millionen von Europäern, die sich auf das Internet täglich verlassen, direkt oder indirekt, wird sich mit "Beschränkung" auseinandersetzen müssen. Es werden neue Bedingungen für die Nutzung von IT geschaffen.

Environmental Impact of Produced Water in Oil and Gas Industry

Investorideas, 23.04.2009 16:17

How Nature Group (LSE: NGR-GB.L), Siemens (NYSE: SI) Water Technologies and Wescorp Energy Inc. (OTCBB: WSCE) are providing Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

The Appeal of MMJ War Veteran Nathan Archer.

Nathan Archer, 23.04.2009 15:24

Time to end the war on American Citizens! Unite and be strong.

FOLTERKNECHTE: Bush, Rice und co. ....

Sergio Puzzel, 23.04.2009 14:06

Folterknechte CIA-Folter: Untersuchungen gegen Bush, Rice und co. ....... Rechtliche Schritte gegen die früheren US-Regierungsmitglieder sind möglich. Präsident Obama ist jetzt auch für eine Untersuchung, nachdem er zuvor den ausführenden CIA-Leuten Straffreiheit zugesichert hatte. Das verfluchte Erbe der Bush-Regierung darf nicht zu Amerikas Schande werden. Doch je weiter die Blutspur der Folterer in höhere Etagen führt, desto heikler wird sie für Obama. ........

GMO Corn invades Filipino food and feed

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 23.04.2009 12:25

Manila, PHILIPPINES — Amidst continuing interception and seizures of illegal GMO corn varieties in Negros Occidental, Greenpeace today demanded that the Philippine Government issue an outright ban on all genetically-modified (GMO) food crops. Earlier this month, Germany became the sixth European country to declare the GMO corn MON810 illegal, which, along with other GMO corn strains similarly banned or found to be toxic in other countries, is approved as food and feed in the Philippines.

Most Anticipated Games Top Ten, 23.04.2009 12:01

Most Anticipated Games Top Ten

Miami Beach For Sale

<a href="">Miami Real Estate</a>, 23.04.2009 03:36

Lots and lots of properties are for sale on Miami Beach, and that is neither a play on words, nor an exaggeration. The marketplace is flooded with properties that remain unsold month after month, as more and more homes become available for sale. An examination of the luxury market in Miami Beach tells a dire tale.

In Defense of Self Hatred

Sasha Rabkin, 23.04.2009 02:01

The most bellicose of the Zionist establishment has spent considerable time and money creating a mythology of self-hatred. This mythology centers on the conviction that any statement against Israel is a statement against Jews. Thus, like a two-headed monster, dissent against Israel becomes dissent against Jews. Stamped with the moniker of self-hatred, Jews who seek to dislodge themselves from our hijacked spiritual identity, find little room to be Jews. Rather, we are offered an identity centered on racism, military might and occupation. We forfeit, according to the keepers of the self-hatred mythology, our right be Jews.

Asesor legal de Rosales: exministro del gabinete de Fujimori y compinche de Vladimiro Montesinos

Iván Oliver Rugeles, 23.04.2009 00:09

El obejtvo de esta nota es mostrarle al mundo la catadura moral de quien ha asumido en Lima, Perú, la defensa legal del prófugo de la justicia venezolana, el Alcalde de Maracaibo, Manuel Rosales, en su aspiración a que el gobierno de Allan García le conceda el asilo político.

&quot;Hizzhonor:&quot; Chicago Politics Under Richard M. Daley

Stephen Lendman, 22.04.2009 20:03

the last of the big city bosses.

Bush Torture Memos Reveal Premeditated Brutality

Distributed by Squeaky Wheel Productions, 22.04.2009 19:48

Bush Torture Memos Reveal Premeditated Brutality

Interview with Michael Ratner, president of the Center for Constitutional Rights, conducted by Scott Harris

Official Statement of the Front for Freedom of the World

ANTIFA SLOVENIJA, 22.04.2009 19:30

Official Statement of the Front for Freedom of the World (SLOVENIA)
Oficcial site(

Animals don’t make war―and shouldn’t be treated as the enemy

By Kathy Guillermo, 22.04.2009 19:08

At 17 military bases across the country, medics are being forced to maim and kill goats and pigs in cruel and outdated trauma-training exercises. Our troops deserve the very best, so why is the military still stabbing, burning and shooting animals when it could be using the very latest equipment to train medics to save soldiers’ lives?

Freestyle nos bastidores do vila velha, 22.04.2009 17:31

Fizemos o som enquanto esperavamos o inicio do evento...

ADAMO Insurance goes Green

Steven Pajevic, 22.04.2009 16:44

ADAMO Insurance of Sarasota, FL. is the newest Sarasota Green Business Partner with the County, Adopts-a-Road, and receives BBB accreditation.

Counterinsurgency for the Masses

john stanton, 22.04.2009 16:31

Educating Americans for Campaigns of National Interest...New US Army solicitation for Human Terrain type program...alleged rape at HTS


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 22.04.2009 16:14

MOVILH TRANSPARENTE El organismo hizo un gran aporte a la transparencia de la sociedad civil en Chile: detalló las fuentes de financiamientos, los montos recibidos y el uso comprobado dado a los fondos, siendo la primera organización del país en dar un paso como ese. Con ello se busca llevar a la práctica el Código de Ética de la Asociación Chilena de Organismos No Gubernamentales, instancia de la cual es parte el Movilh.

Major infestation of wild pigs in urban roads and parks of Los angeles

Hog Hater, 22.04.2009 16:03

wild hog Effects of wild pigs in Urban areas may be mitigated by common talcum powder.

EU-Terrorism: Fragen? Antworten!

Hannes Kempner, 22.04.2009 14:52

EU-Terrorismus-Trend Der EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report 2009 ist veröffentlicht worden. Und was soll ich euch sagen... die Situation ist beängstigend. Wir sind alle so gut wie tot. 2008 wurden in den EU-Staaten 515 Terroranschläge verübt, 1009 Terroristen festgenommen (?!?) und es gab vier Todesfälle eines ETA-Anschlages in Spanien. Gar grauslig auch, wie die Terroristen alle Linksextreme sind: Right-wing terrorist attacks were not reported in 2008. ... Ob das damit zusammen hängt, dass die Strafverfolger, die diese Statistik gemacht haben, alle eher rechts sind? Wenn Nazis jemanden verprügeln ist das eine Körperverletzung, wenn Linke online Schwimmbeckenreiniger kaufen, ist das ein versuchter Terroranschlag.

Lanner Boosts Presence in Eastern Europe with New Partnership

Lanner, 22.04.2009 14:20

Lanner today announced a new strategic relationship with management and IT consultancy, eData. Based in Romania, eData will work with Lanner to extend the reach of its solutions and boost its profile across the Eastern European region. WITNESS, Lanner’s flagship simulation solution will complement eData’s suite of enterprise architecture, business process management (BPM) and workflow solutions, enabling eData to extend its portfolio of propositions to customers within the public and private sectors.

NACLA Launches Campaign to Send &quot;Open Veins of Latin America&quot; to the White House

NACLA, 22.04.2009 14:17

We are calling on NACLA supporters to send English-language copies of Open Veins of Latin America directly to the White House. We want hundreds of copies to be sent there, enough for all of the White House staff, the cabinet members, and Obama's advisors. Let's get this book into the hands of not just Barack Obama, but Hillary Clinton, Thomas Shannon, Dan Restrepo, and the rest of the administration! Let's show Obama that there is real, grassroots support for a new policy toward Latin America - that we want not just change, but justice!


Rv. Dr. Hayr Gutierrez.,Ph.D, 22.04.2009 14:05


Earth Day: das Auto stehen lassen ....

Camillo Torres, 22.04.2009 10:11

Earth Day 2oo9 Der Earth Day findet alljährlich am 22. April weltweit in über 150 Ländern statt. Das Earth Day-Motto, "Global denken, lokal handeln", soll deutlich machen, dass es hier nicht nur um das heutige Wohlbefinden der Menschen geht. Gesunde Erde heißt gesunde Umwelt und lebenswerter Ort für die Zukunft. Dies bedeutet eine Verwirklichung der Visionen des UN-Erdgipfels in Rio 1992 in den Städten und Gemeinden, am Wohnort.

Family Of Murdered Opinus Tabuni Sends Message To The United Nations

West Papua Action Network, USA., 22.04.2009 04:54

Family members of an indigenous Papuan murdered by the Indonesian Police send a clear message to the United Nations and world; the independence of Papua is the only solution.


M Concoyle, 22.04.2009 02:42

Should one consider the main properties of geometry to be those properties which are related to local diffeomorphic maps between geometric containing spaces of general curvilinear coordinates (or between equivalent manifolds) upon which geometric measurement can be introduced,
Is geometry primarily about fixed measurements related to metric-invariant coordinates which can be used to identify geometric shapes?
Geometry which is not integrable (or not separable), ie geometry with curvature which is not constant, is not stable in regard to both shape and dynamics. Such non-integrable geometry will not have stable properties particularly in relation to dynamics.

Healthcare Students and Community Members Rally against Discriminatory Clinic Closure

UIC Students Against Discrimination, 22.04.2009 01:59

press release Group Demands the University of Illinois at Chicago uphold its Urban Mission

Health Care Reform via God

Bobby Meade, 21.04.2009 22:09

By pretending to be too stupid to recognize the bioterrorist practices that I have described, Health Care has embraced an iniquity akin to that woman who was discovered in a DC nursing home covered with maggots. (Jer. 10:14) For that, the Nazis in Health Care will be the first to go into exile! Nazi IMCs will follow them!

For Earth Day: Park Your Car, Stay Home and Watch a Free Flick

cinemalibrestudio, 21.04.2009 21:56

Sprawling From Grace: The Consequences of Suburbanization In honor of Earth Day, Cinema Libre Studio has partnered with Grapeflix to make David M. Edwards' powerful new documentary 'Sprawling From Grace: The Consequences of Suburbanization' available to VIEW ONLINE FOR FREE starting through Wednesday (4/22) midnight PT

Über die Verletzung der Menschenwürde im Grundschulwesen der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Moritz Menschlich, 21.04.2009 21:31

Die institutionell-gesellschaftliche Dimension der staatlichen Grundschule im Bildungssystem der BRD steht im Jahre 2009 unter dem Diktat technokratischer Leistungszwänge und einer neorepressiven Pädagogik, wie ich während einer Unterrichtshospitation an einer nordhessischen Grundschule zu Beginn dieses Jahres zur Kenntnis nehmen durfte.

Say No to Nuclear and STOP SITHE GLOBAL-BLACKSTONE AND THE SouthWest Greater Toronto Area Gas Power Plant

Paradigm Shift Environmental Alliance, 21.04.2009 20:55

Earth Day Every Day:Say No to Nuclear and STOP SITHE GLOBAL-BLACKSTONE AND THE SouthWest Greater Toronto Area Gas Power Plant

Communiqué : &quot;Ceux qui vivent, ce sont ceux qui luttent&quot; Charlie Bauer, Julien Delmaire, MariPaule.B et Djamal

Charlie Bauer, Julien Delmaire, MariPaule.B et Djamal, 21.04.2009 20:18

Charlie Bauer, Julien Delmaire, MariPaule.B et Djamal
**********Bonjour à tous,
Nous vous invitons à visiter notre page sur la quelle nous avons mis en ligne l'interview qui presente notre projet donnée à la Radio Boomrang Emission 301onair.

Vous pourrez y entendre :
Charlie Bauer, Julien Delmaire, MariPaule.B et Djamal.*****

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