Vigilantes de la extrema derecha tomaron barrios de Roma

El 1 de marzo, los miembros uniformados del grupo de vigilantes de la Guardia Civil (Szebb Jövőért Polgárőr Egyesület), una rama de la temida Magyar Garda, tomó el control de un barrio romaní en el pueblo de Gyöngyöspata. Se establecieron dos puestos de control en la entrada al barrio y formaron una cadena humana alrededor de las casas de los residentes romaníes. La Guardia Civil con el apoyo del ala derecha de Jobbik, y ahora la intención es crear segmentos en otras ciudades de Hungría, para ampliar sus patrullas.

El European Roma Rights Centre, Amnistía Internacional y Human Rights First enviaron una carta [PDF] instando a las autoridades húngaras para intervenir y proteger a los residentes romaníes de Gyöngyöspata de la intimidación y el acoso que han sido objeto por parte de la organización parapolicial, Szebb Jövőért Polgárőr Egyesület (Asociación de la Guardia Civil para un futuro mejor), desde el 1 de marzo.Las patrullas de Szebb Jövőért Polgárőr han sido apoyados por el partido politico de extrema derecha Jobbik, que organizó una marcha de miles de personas a través del pueblo con uniforme militar negro, el 6 de marzo. De acuerdo al seguimiento de la ERRC, hubo al menos 48 ataques contra la población romaní en Hungría entre 2008 y 2010, lo que resultó en al menos nueve muertes. La presencia de grupos paramilitares contra la población gitana en los barrios de Roma se suma a las crecientes tensiones entre las etnias y los combustibles un clima de violencia.

El ERRC ha llamado a las autoridades húngaras para cumplir con sus obligaciones nacionales e internacionales de derechos humanos en Gyöngyöspata, para intervenir de inmediato para garantizar la situación no degeneren en violencia física y para proteger a la población romaní de la intimidación y el acoso.

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now!, kill the drug pusher and pimp

aristokrnk anarkst 23.Mar.2011 02:28

shutdown the heroin resupply and the uncle sam subsidized welfare demise of inncocents ....stop catering to illiterate addict who wants a weapon or else,,!

Kill the Drug pushers and Pimps!

billybobirreleventthe3rd 23.Mar.2011 02:31

Renter's Revolt!, Disempower the Feudal Land lord!
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Amnesty International -add your voice against these abuses

Nico 24.Mar.2011 10:43

Here's the link to Amnesty's action campaign to let the legitimate Hungarian 'authorities' know you won't agree with this harrassment of innocent families. (click for "English" version if necessary).

"Community Policing" rears it's ugly head "again."

Sophie 28.Mar.2011 03:21

"Community Policing" rears it's ugly head "again."

Boy were we fooled!

I have a doubt

Octavio 29.Mar.2011 21:10

I would like to know the reason of this harassment. I read the text but i didn´t find any explanation.
I am a spanish-speaker so i could receive an explanation in spanish or in english.
Thank you.

I have a doubt

Octavio 29.Mar.2011 21:13

I would like to know the reason of this harassment. I read the text but i didn´t find any explanation.
I am a spanish-speaker so i could receive an explanation in spanish or in english.
Thank you.

Reason For Harassment

Sophie 31.Mar.2011 15:37

There's always a 'reason' for harassment. That doesn't mean it's a good or justifiable one!

Crystal-Nacht was a harassment of German Jews, in pre-war Germany; see previous comment.

Oh and BTW, does anyone remember Warsaw?

Also; here are some links to articles I know you'll enjoy:

Wrong spanish translation

flow 08.Apr.2011 09:39

This translation is better but still wrong.


Playbook cases 23.Apr.2011 19:42

That is absolute madness, how did the authorities let these people get away with this. What I have just read reminds me of a film called NewJack city, where a gang of drug pushers take over an apartment block and see the drugs to the residents

These Vivilantes Must be Purged

Anonymous 28.Apr.2011 09:32

These vigilantes must be 'purged' from the face of the earth, where ever they exist, and so must the American police-ideology that created them, 'globally.' There has been 'no' point in history when such groups have 'not' become death-squads. That's why they are called 'lynch-mobs' historically. Look at groups such as the "Regulators" for your answer. There is no other choice than to get-rid of them all-together. They should be harassed at work, when they go shopping, or doing their laundry, by their neighbors, and in their homes. They should be driven from their homes and their employment and then denied emergency services to the homeless, such as food, clothing and shelter, as this 'is' what they do to others, both individually and as a group.

Groups such as these also murdered 392 people in Caracas in 2009, with a 98% immunity rate. See below:

Canada, especially Montreal has had problems with them, so has the UK, where they regularly beat-up prostitutes, and 'other' women, and force them from their homes. They also threaten the priests and social workers who try to help them. In the US where they are 'not' requierd to wear uniforms, they are used as a 'secret-police,' and are allowed to carry 'baseball-bats' in their vehicles. They also recieve 'complete' support not just from the police, but also from the FBI as well. They are also allowed to dispense their brand of justice aggressively discriminatorily, and without redress of 'any' kind... They are present in 'every' country in the world, as this was the American's plan. They must be gotten-rid-of "immediately" in every way possible. Morality and ethics be damned, as 'they' have none. Also, if you think you're going to wait for the authorities to do something about them, you are fantasizing. These are their 'buddies.' Shows you what the police and those affilated with them are really about. "Abolition" is ultimately the answer. See below for a good starting point:

In the meantime 'we' must burn a whole so deep in their collective-unconscious that neither they 'nor' any government will try this again for a thousand years. Go get them.....


Anonymous 28.Apr.2011 10:11

Such actions by vigilante groups are called "POGROMS" historically:

Here's the definition:

I have researched not only community-policing as it is currently practiced throughout the world, whose model resembles the social model of "medievel" Nigeria, where only 'nobles' are allowed freedom of movement; but also historical events of mass 'communal' violence and persecution and can tell you that community-policing, as it is currently practiced has much in common with the Spanish-Inquisition, which was responsible for the most notorious campaigns of genocide in history prior to WWII. Also, while the Spanish-Inquistion lasted more than "300" years, the Catholic church started executing heretics circa 1000 CE. This lasted until about the middle of the 19th century; more than "800" years in duration.

As activists, protestors and liberal thinkers, this means "us." 'We' are todays heretics.

As you can see, this is 'not' going away unless we 'make' it go away....

NOW, is the time for action... Viva Convivencia....

Kill the Vigilantes!!! Kill them All!!!

Anonymous 02.May.2011 12:36

Kill the Vigilantes. Kill them all, with rocks, sticks, broken bottles or with your bare hands. Whatever weapons are available, kill them!!!

Listen the other side as well

A Hungarian 04.May.2011 15:09

Your opinion is obviously formed by the distorted point of view of the international press. In many villages and city neighborhoods in Hungary there are several Romani families who are in constant clash with majority culture. They usually have very large families, don't work, aren't educated enough, live on welfare and when they steal the property of law-abiding citizens, those citizens are told by their own government that they should just turn the other cheek and that Roma people only steal because otherwise they would starve (did I mention that the Roma get generous sums of money, basically their whole living is financed by taxpayers? Still we just have to let them take what we buy with the 50% of our salary that's left after taxes?)

There are videos on Youtube where ethnic Hungarians living in Gyöngyöspata and other villages are interviewed. Roma teens spit on old ladies and rob them in broad daylight, etc., and before the Vigilantes arrived, the Roma were actually collecting toll at the bridge of the village, like they were entitled to it. Also in a Gyöngyöspata school three Roma kids beat a Hungarian kid until he was unconscious, "just for fun" as they put it.

The most brutal murders in these villages are committed by Roma. When Hungarians commit something against Roma, all of Europe is against us, but when a Roma kills a non-Roma nobody blinks an eye (the only case which got some international spotlight was the murder of Marian Cozma and that only because he was a famous man).

The international press is quick to scream racism but never listens to the other side. Where was the foreign press when the Lajos Szögi case happened? Mr. Szögi was a schoolteacher beaten to death by a group of Roma men in front of his two young daughters. His only crime was that he accidentally hit a Roma girl who ran through the street in front of his car without looking. He stopped to check if the girl was hurt (she wasn't). His murder was one of the most famous murder cases in Hungary recently, yet when I google his name, the few English sites I find are only concerned about how this will affect the "terrible racism" against the Roma in Hungary. Lajos Szögi was a honest, law-abiding citizen (not to mention that he alone probably paid more taxes than all the Roma in his county together).

Since the Vigilantes are in Gyöngyöspata, the law-abiding citizens can live in peace. Within a few days 1,005 of them signed the petition asking the Vigilantes to stay (this in a village with a population of 2,800).


diego 07.Jun.2011 03:53

creo que hay varios errores, seguramente palabras mal traducidas.
i think there are many errors in this note. probabily a wrong traduction of some words.
je crois qu' il y a des erreurs, peut-être n'est pas la mieux traduction de quelques mots.

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xXx 04.Oct.2011 18:10

I think there are a few things that need point out here, the main one is; neither side in this case is right. Neither the community vigilantes or the Roma, but we do need a solution to this problem, because Roma in X country is not just X's problem, it is European problem mainly. Issues with Roma people exist all over Europe to the countries I have been to and I have seen it first hand account. These problems of course, are because of the lack of integration in society, this is why they turn to crime, drugs, etc etc etc. Their children do not have the same chances as others in school and the adults cannot get a job because nobody employs them, regardless of school certificates or grades they are virtually undesirables in many, if not every country I have been to. Again, due to the lack of integration, they are then turned away by society. Common stereotypes then evolve in the media as 'troublesome people' etc, they become misrepresented. You should definatley check out this article: (about Roma education policies) and about Bulgarian protests

impune Gypsies

A Pole 23.Oct.2011 16:57

Hey, Hungarians, you are not alone. These mafia guys think they will go unopunished because they enjoy support of those leftist idiots. Why does no one stand up for the intimidated Hungarians, eh? Here in Poland Gypsies commit plenty of fraud and rthe prosecution do nothing because they are afraid of their mafias. Take care and hold on, Hungarians. We are with you!

They are not the bad guys here....

A Hungarian 01.Nov.2011 00:33

I just wanted to point out that the situation is nearly unbearable in that region because of the brutal attacks carried out by the Gypsies. The so called vigilantes protect the real Hungarian citizens who work for the society (including the gypsies who do not work). Moreover on the basis of the article 48 attacks were carried out against the Romanis.... Come on.... The number of the attacks carried out BY the Romanis is at least 30! times more..... ( - (Who knows Hungarian, but the number is understandable for everyone)

( another link which deals with the "frustratingly growing number of crimes committed by gypsies" - If I translated correctly.

So Amnesty International and the others should investigate first who is terrorized and who the terrorists are.....


test 21.May.2012 04:26

test test

Pathetic Racist Hungarian Apologists

purple 23.Sep.2012 06:29

You support these slow witted jack booted thugs , strutting around and pretending the master race is Hungarians.

First you guys killed all your Jews, and you obviously haven't changed your mindset even still. You're still in the racist jungle of the 16th century, with mass pogroms and the like.

What a pathetic country you have.