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The ship Borndiep, used by Women on Waves (WoW) tryed to anchor in Portugal from August 29th to September 12th, as a way to remind that Portugal (where there an extimate of 20,000 to 40,000 illegal abortions every year and where more than 5,000 women suffer serious health problems from abortions made without any safety or hygiene conditions) is a country with the most restrictive legislation (and its enforcement) in Europe, together with Poland, Ireland and Malta.

Although there were given tranparency garantees by WoW, the right wing government decided, on August 27th, to inform the Borndiep that it could not enter portuguese territorial waters . The boat must not get any nearer than 12 miles from the Portuguese coast. To reinforce the decision, Paulo Portas, (the populist ministry of defense) sent two war ships to monitor the boat movements.

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Although the goals of helping portuguese women and of spreading information were aborted, the one of bringing the issue into public light was fully achieved with the precious help of the government. The situation has even reached international level [ 1 | 2 ]

As someone said, maybe the portuguese government will have that same atitude and forbiden, for instance the selling of Xdye shoes made in Vietnam, or the spreading of stores selling nike, Reebok, Adidas, because they exploit child work and many times an exploitation similar to 'ancient slavery'. Or maybe he want to shut down all McDonald's or Burger King, for violent ocupation of indian lands, for the killing of those indians that dared to resist ocupation, or even for the cruel ways of those corporations towards animals and forests. Maybe they want to close all Shell and Select stores for environmantal destruction. Maybe one or two of these crimes are forbiden under portuguese law; and the list could go on forever.

And we could add: maybe, on the other hand, the portuguese government wants to close all borders with the spanish state, where 9,000 women have gone to, looking for more flexible enforcements od the law, in tha last 6 years.

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borndiep -- does that name means born to die?

tom 05.Sep.2004 23:32

the american war in indo-china misnomered vietnam war, killed five million people, wounded seven million, and put in us. concentration camps 9 million which is now swept under the rug kas a strategically surgical killing. to make sure that communism abortions its embryo and destroys itself in a hell of on-going proportions. the so-called portugese democracy ruled by the catholic church has stated its case refusing abortion and denighing woman control of herstory. there not even being a universitie with a herstory anywhere in the western european world. so yes help, help, help. its seems to me to get to cause we must make a political and , judicial revolution to double democracy and elect woman equally, so natures fifty-fifty laws of ecological green balance can come back on a wave of matriarchy denighed since sextus the roman slaveholder smashed the matriarchy and ecologicaql balance of the species to facilitate the system of slavery throughout the known world. perhaps allowing woman to make half the laws in a calendar year would end discrimination politcally and judicially, religiously and thusly end species warring and pollution as woman is much more responsible for the planets livability. it is herstory misssing that causes alienation of the planets livability as man the hunter and destroyer is making all the laws. constiutent assembly please european social forum.

Time to rethink abortion.

Me 06.Sep.2004 00:25

You ask if the Portugese government will shut down stores that gain from violent trade. They should. They are inconsistent. It should also be asked of you however, if you oppose the violence of big corporations why do you not oppose the violence of the abortion industry. Abortion is a form of violence. We would not allow animals to be subjected to the procedures that the unborn are in an abortion, yet sections of the left confusingly cling to outdated ideology. Abortion, along with war, poverty, WMD, and the arms trade create a culture of violence. Late term abortions involve crushing and removing the body of a baby. It is horrible and these babies have a right to be protected from violence. Poor babies should not be aborted because their mothers are poor. This is surely the ultimate in discriminanation. A better off dead philosophy is not a social justice philosophy. Instead of trying to link those who seek to defend human rights with the right those on the left need to recognise that abortion contributes to the very culture of violence that leads to devaluing of life. It is good the ship got turned away. Oppose war, oppose poverty, oppose abortion. Pro justice for all. Plewase investigate the issue further and look beyond the outdated ideology of the pro abortion movement.

Stop Abortion

. 06.Sep.2004 00:41

Very sad and sick. A ship that sails around offering abortions. This borders on ideological fanaticism. The Portugese government might be right wing and should be opposed but they were right to turn the ship away. No to violence. Yest to justice.

Pictures odf street thetatre

Milé Sardera 06.Sep.2004 09:31

There was an street theatre against the criminalizatoin of the voluntary stop to pregnancy.

Please check them at

Just one or two informations. The Borndiep did not come to make abortions in Portugal. In fact, they only provide one abortion pill and only outside portuguese territorial waters. As the feature says, they wated to come in speacially to remind that Portugal (where there an extimate of 20,000 to 40,000 illegal abortions every year and where more than 5,000 women suffer serious health problems from abortions made without any safety or hygiene conditions) is a country with the most restrictive legislation (and its enforcement) in Europe, together with Poland, Ireland and Malta.

Poor people dye from abortion. Middle class and rich people have no problems is going to Spain and make it there legally.

By the end of the day, the portuguese law on abortion is just anmother way of making social differences between the haves and the have nots.

There was no legal way of stoping the boat from entering. It was not a danger to public health nor to the law. Portugal couild not stop it from entering before advising the EU stating that they would be forgeting the Shengen agreement for a few days. Portuguese government did nothing about this.

The boat was not to break the portuguese law under any circumstances. They would have made a lot of workshops and debates and then they would take all the women that wanted to internacional waters, where they woulod provide the 'abortion pill' (for pregnancy until 6 1/2 weeks).

This governent is a coalittion between a neo-liberal party (PSD) and a populist one (CDS-PP). PSD rulles in an economical point of view. CDS-PP rulles morally. So we're being pushed back to the dark ages.


more 07.Sep.2004 15:11

Human Life International -  http://www.hli.org

Vida Humana Internacional -  http://www.vidahumana.org

An eye in the butthole : jesus' point of view

jesus_mjjg 08.Sep.2004 11:38

Why my biased point of view ?
I'm a 25 years old belgian man. I have been raised with a secular/laic point of view. As teenage faded away, I discovered satanism and understood the fact that any way of thinking ( laïcs for instance ) was also religious in many aspects.
I also participated in various CISV camps, where I learned to exchange ideas with people, the powers of simulating an event before discussiong it ( drama game ) and empathy.
Abortion is legal in my country, and in most of my neighbour countries ( the Netherlands, France, Germany, England ).
What point of view ?

everything is questionnable
religion can never be a justification on a global ( national ) level, but it can be on a local level ( myself )
we ( humans ) are just animals
animals sometimes kill their babies, or let them die
the concerned ones are women : men should be aware of that and think about this issue like they were woman at at least 75%, man at at most 25%
there are a lot of non-abortional contraceptive means : safe sex ( condoms ), pills, ...
as a woman, I need easy access to any of those contraceptive means, even abortion

Arguments :
Women want to decide for themselves
Excerpts from women in parliament: making a difference :

One of the most significant changes that we have noted is the networking of women across party lines. This is a relatively rare event, but recent British parliaments have seen examples of informal cross-party cooperation on such issues as violence against women, abortion, stalking, rape, equal pay and employment law.
In the Netherlands, study of legislative debates reveals how women's interventions have been associated with changing the way in which abortion policy is debated, notably its shift from a medical or religious issue to an issue of choice.

Women rights are human rights
Excerpts from women's reproductive rights :

Women must have reproductive control over their bodies in order to exercise basic rights due to every human being. Limited access to family planning, including the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, violates basic human rights, as well as the right to freedom, protection of health, and life. The consequences of the lack of sexual education combined with restricted access to modern contraception and family planning methods deprived women of the right to control their own fertility. ... Early pregnancies often cause young women to end their education or enter unwanted marriages, which limits further educational opportunities or their chances on the labor market. ... Illegal abortions often result in complications thus undermining women's health.

Women are not fairly represented in parliaments
After looking at women in parliaments, it seems to me that abortion/contraception is usually easier in countries where they are less badly ( they still have less than 50% of representatives almost anywhere ) represented in parliament/government.
Various links :

Women syudies links at NJCU library
Women's issue : unplanned pregnancy
International Federation of Professional Abortion and Contraception Associates
Pro-Choice action network
Challenges from the Women's Health Movement: Women's Rights versus Population Control
Women in parliament : below numbers

how come

this 09.Sep.2004 03:48

is crazy?

Pro-life groups - some links

links 09.Sep.2004 04:28

Pro-life groups:

The Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League is a pro-life group that is not based on conservative Christianity. See:  http://www.GodlessProlifers.org

Feminists for Life of America: pro woman and pro life. They "oppose all forms of violence - including abortion, infanticide, child abuse, domestic violence, assisted suicide, euthanasia, and capital punishment." See:  http://www.feministsforlife.org

Libertarians for Life argue on the pro-life side from a Libertarian position. See:  http://www.l4l.org

Lifelinks at  http://www.sehlat.com links to a number of pro-life sites, including Feminists for Life. They include an essay by a right-to-life atheist, words from Mother Theresa, and information on the ProLife News.

National Right to Life deals with many pro-life causes, but concentrates on abortion matters. See:  http://www.nrlc.org

National Women's Coalition for Life is "an umbrella organization for national women's groups that oppose abortion." A listing of their member groups and their statement of commitment is at:  http://www.sehlat.com

The Women and Children First has a list of pro-life links at:  http://www.womenandchildrenfirst.org

Women Affirming Life is a "national organization of Catholic women committed to upholding the sanctity of each human life from conception to natural death." See:  http://www.affirmlife.com

Pro-life Web Ring:


... 09.Sep.2004 07:19

(More links:  http://www.geocities.com/johnaugus/lifelinks.html )

Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League

Links - Pro-life and Anti-abortion Connections:

Pro-life Web Ring:

Jesus thrashed his previous comment : here are the links ( hopefully )

jesus_mjjg 10.Sep.2004 10:36

women in parliament: making a difference
women's reproductive rights
women in parliaments
Women syudies links at NJCU library
Women's issue : unplanned pregnancy
International Federation of Professional Abortion and Contraception Associates
Pro-Choice action network
Challenges from the Women's Health Movement: Women's Rights versus Population Control
Women in parliament : below numbers

IMC/CMI editorial

. 15.Sep.2004 17:25

Performance contra a criminalização invade ruas de Lisboa

Aborto Governamental

Government Abortion (translation / português (original) | english | français | español | italiano)

Navio da Women on Waves lança discussão pública sobre o aborto em Portugal

El aborto no es 'progresista'

impuestoporlavida.org 15.Sep.2004 20:14


El aborto no es progresista

Es frecuente que se asocie la oposición al aborto como una cuestión "antiprogresista, religiosa, de derechas y de hombres". La realidad desmiente estos tópicos: numerosas voces disidentes, desde las más variadas posturas intelectuales e ideológicas, se alzan contra este Terrorismo de Estado.


El aborto no es desarrollo

El aborto se impone como medida política para el desarrollo de los países pobres. Sin embargo, el aborto no elimina la pobreza, elimina al pobre. Una política de desarrollo humano que “interrumpa” el desarrollo humano prenatal es contradictoria.


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