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150,000 March for Climate Action


Thousands Walk Against Warming
Thousands Walk Against Warming

Up to 150,000 people marched on November 11 around Australia against the lack of action on climate change by Australian political leaders, according to Walk Against Warming. Melbourne saw a crowd of 50,000 people (photos) bringing the city to a standstill, with 30,000 in Sydney, 9,000 in Canberra, and thousands more in Perth and 60 events across Australia.

Like the USA, Australia has refused to sign the Kyoto protocol and has the second highest emissions on a per capita basis behind Luxembourg. Australia exceeded the United States for the average highest emitter per capita in the developed world between 1996 and 2005. Action on Climate change has become the most important issue in the Australian Federal Election with voting on November 24. The climate policies of both major Australian parties allow Australia’s emissions to continue to rise, despite scientific projections and warnings that Catastrophic Climate Change may be Inevitible unless Drastic Steps are Taken with Arctic Sea Ice already Heading for Rapid Disintegration and predictions of Disastrous Sea Level Rise.

Photos: Melbourne 1, 2 | Perth 1 2 | Goldcoast | Sydney | Adelaide 1 2 | Cairns | Brisbane | Canberra
Video: Thousands march in Melbourne
Sydney IMC | Perth IMC | Climate IMC

New coal-fired power stations continue to be built in Australia, with 11 new coal projects under construction or planned which will see emissions increase by 10% over current levels, according to Greenpeace.

Climate activists from Rising Tide Australia recently blockaded the port of Newcastle, the largest coal port in the world, to protest the expansion of the coal industry as a major source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Fifty Marine Scientists meeting in Canberra, Australia recently published an unprecedented consensus statement demanding immediate action on Greenhouse Gas Emissions warning of the impact of climate change on coral reefs and fisheries and calling for immediate and substantive reduction targets in human produced greenhouse emissions. The scientists had already warned that ocean acidification due to increased atmospheric CO2 is accelerating.

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Marching for lies or guilt is not positive

the guy who knows it all 14.Nov.2007 20:00

would they still march if they new the truth that there is leess than nothing that can be done and that imc and other Liberal media keep hiding this story...

ot the much bigger story that the rich - like Australia - will use climate chaos to kill billions. Probly not, in fact most of these people will probably not march when the killing begins in earnst. And if they do it will matter not a wit!