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Governments and Corporations Attempt to Repress Wikileaks: Holding Up Mirrors

WikiLeaks has struggled to stay online after initiating the slow release of over 250,000 leaked US diplomatic cables on 28th November 2010. The releases, dubbed "Cablegate" have been carried in newspapers around the world. The four-year-old WikiLeaks organistaion has been under constant political attack, especially from the conservative side of politics, whilst it's website has been subjected to a series of sophisticated cyber attacks. Reporters Without Borders condemned this hounding of Wikileaks.

Spokesperson for Wikileaks, Julian Assange, was put on Interpol's most wanted list for detention and extradition to Sweden in relation to two allegations of sexual abuse against him which had previously been dropped. The Swedish prosecutor is described as “overzealous” in the mainstream German weekly, Die Zeit. Assange surrendered his passport to British police and offered sureties of £180,000, but a Westminster Court denied his bail application. (Court protest)

Global resistance in support of Wikileaks and Assange is taking the form of over 1,200 websites mirroring Wikileaks and street protests such as in Australia. The Indymedia Network is hosting one of these Mirrors. Noam Chomsky, Professor Peter Singer and other prominent people in Australia have released an open letter to Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard calling for Julian Assange to be given full support as an Australian citizen and urged a statement of Australia’s commitment to freedom of political communication.

In retaliation against corporate censorship action against Wikileaks anonymous hackers working as Operation Payback have taken down a bank website that froze Julian Assange’s defence fund and the Mastercard site was subject to a DDOS attack after wikileaks donations were banned.

US constitutional lawyer Glenn Greenwald said on Democarcy Now that the freedom of the whole internet is now at stake.

The manner of these revelations has been described as "holding a mirror" to the mainstream press and their friends in governments. The governments clearly don't like to see the ugliness of their own depravity, which is ususally hidden from view by the press. Will we allow Wikileaks and Julian Assange to be destroyed for daring to tell the world the truth about wars and the criminal deeds of governments around the world? Or will we support the upholding of mirrors - both technical and journalistic - in the struggle for openness?

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Sexual Intrigues, CIA Spies and Fake Leftists: the plot against Wikileaks

Petros Evdokas 09.Dec.2010 09:09

It seems that the most twisted part of the story of the illegal persecution against Wikileaks involves the sexual allegations angle: one of the accusers against Julian Assange has obvious connections to the CIA and threw a party to honour the Wikileaks celebrity she had just bedded in Sweden. While the other accuser boasted of her conquest on sms text messages. Even advertised it online, on the Twiter website, as was reported. If it were a rape why would a woman throw a party to celebrate the event and show off to her friends the lovely "catch" who had been in her bed?

These facts and concerns are documented by some prominent and well-respected writers in the following articles:

Alexander Cockburn, said that the "prime accuser, Anna Ardin has, according to Israel Shamir, writing on this CounterPunch site 'ties to the US-financed anti-Castro and anti-communist groups.' ":
Julian Assange: Wanted by the Empire, Dead or Alive

The CIA connections are examined in more depth and presented by Israel Shamir, in his article titled "Assange Beseiged - Making a Mockery of the Real Crime of Rape".

For a most interesting "executive summary" of the explorations in this twisted realm of sexual intrigues and spy-movie stuff, please see an excellent short article by Kirk James Murphy, M.D, an activist psychiatrist who collected many of the bizzarre elements of this case from various disparate sources. His article includes quotes and references from other authors, journalists, legal and political sources creating a well-rounded composition. And he adds some of his own thoughts and argumentation that sheds more light on the case.

Please read his article titled
"Assange Accuser Worked with US-Funded, CIA-Tied Anti-Castro Group", here:
and here:

Some background information on Kirk James Murphy:

Like many of us who work with rape survivors, I'm horrified at how the crime of degenerate power and perverted violence that constitutes rape is now being twisted out shape, made light, trivialized and turned into soap-opera fluff in order to be utilized by the global intelligence elite working with fake feminists and fake leftists just to silence Wikileaks. How will real rape survivors be understood, acknowledged, protected and be served with justice after such a devastating blow to the definition and concept of rape construed by media, imperialist agents and fake-leftist activists?

Will the progressive community continue to be open to providing support, be accepting and receptive to the next young attractive woman who cries "rape"? How about the radical community, within which things are often harsher, and take on a crude edge? Who will patience and care to hear out real rape survivors after these two fakes in Sweden conspired with the world's most repressive regime to gag Wikileaks?

On the tiny island of Cyprus we have plenty of experience with fake leftists who work with dedication day and night to further the cause of Imperialism. We know them well from the very top, from our Government and the ruling party's fake socialist leadership who are working to install a racist Apartheid Bizonal regime in Cyprus replete with Race Laws, all the way down to small and petty professors, union bosses, "activists", and non governmental organizations (NGOs) who dress up their authoritarian agendas in the service of Imperialism with pretty talk: feminist, ecologist and socialist slogans are constantly being used to promote their opposite, the most disgusting sort of unfreedom, slavery and exploitation possible.

We've been publishing exposes and the dirty laundry of these people for a long time, especially those who have been receiving funds from the US /CIA /USAID and other "charitable" warmongers ; still, the damage they continue to do through fake-leftist posturing and sloganeering is considerable. Some of us are used to it; some of us keep falling for the trap; and many people have become anti-leftist because of it. Whenever Leftist ideologies are used to promote oppression, the population moves to what appears to be "right wing" politics. All sorts of national-chauvinist, pro-Capitalist, anti-environment, anti-gay, and male-chauvinist sexist politics start becoming more popular when the Left appears to support oppression.

That same kind of right wing swing-back will very probably now cause new forms of harm to real rape survivors after this Wikileaks fake rape debacle. Especially if the next rape perpetrator is a well-known persona within the progressive community. It's more likely now that real rape survivors will be targeted with new forms of disbelief and with uncaring, callous treatment, or even be accused of lying, making it up, or staging the rape, as seems to have been the case in the effort to shut down Wikileaks.

Always, wherever fake-leftists are involved in political campaigns and operations, the effects on the real victims of this perversion are devastating.

Petros Evdokas,
Volunteer, Cyprus IndyMedia Collective

More Sources and Further Readings

From the Daily Mail, by By Richard Pendlebury
"A few hours after that party, [she] apparently Tweeted: ‘Sitting outside ... nearly freezing, with the world’s coolest people. It’s pretty amazing!’ She was later to try to erase this message.
During the party, Assange apparently phoned [her] and a few hours later she was boasting to friends about her flirtation with him. At that point, according to police reports, her friends advised her ‘the ball is in your court’."
Read more:
The Wikileaks sex files: How two one-night stands sparked a worldwide hunt for Julian Assange

A pointed, humorous piece by Naomi Wolf, revealing the ridiculousness of it all
Naomi Wolf is the author of "The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot"
Julian Assange Captured by World's Dating Police

Unconfirmed: allegedly these are the photos of Sofia Wilen and Anna Ardin

Anna Ardin

Anna Ardin's thesis against Fidel Castro


Alternative source

Wikileaks War 10.Dec.2010 04:36

For alternative opinion and information about the WikiLeaks War Conflict, visit

Protests in Australia in support of Assange and Wikileaks

Takver 12.Dec.2010 01:24

We are all wikileaks
We are all wikileaks

Hundreds of people took to the streets around Australia for Human Rights Day and to protest the persecution of Wikileaks editor Julian Assange and the attempts at suppression of the Wikileaks website.

Rally reports: Sydney rally, photos | Melbourne rally | Brisbane rally | Perth Rally photos 1, 2 | Adelaide | Hobart |
Youtube videos: Brisbane 1, Brisbane 2 | Melbourne: Robbie Thorpe, Indigenous Activist, Rally, Rap news | Sydney - Keith Dodd, Lee Rhiannon

More rallies are scheduled around the world in December and January. Activists in Australia have setup the website to mobilise global support of wikileaks or visit the Justice for Assange site. You can do your own report on the leaked cables by checking one of the thousand (and growing) wikileak mirrors and do a report for Operation Leakspin.

Statement - The Australian and Melbourne Indymedia Collective stand in solidarity with Wikileaks and its spokesperson Julian Assange and condemn their unprecedented persecution.

According to the New York Times Activists Say Web Assault for Assange Is Expanding., MasterCard, Visa and PayPal and British Paypal competitor Moneybookers have all had their websites attacked due to cancelling services supplied to the wikileaks website. Other targets have been US government websites and the website of the Swedish prosecutor who issued an Interpol warrant to detain and extradite Julian Assange over sexual assaut allegations. The article says anti-Scientology activist network Anonymous is behind many of the attacks although one of the sites - Why we Protest - Anonymous website says it only condones legal activity on it's website. According to Anonymous Operation Payback website the DDoS attacks are co-ordinated by a voluntary botnet. The software to join the botnet has been downloaded by a rapidly growing number of people so that an online protest - a cyber picket line - can be co-ordinated against targeted websites.

The Economic Times from India has reported that an Anti-WikiLeaks bill introduced in US Congress in an attempt to criminalise Julian Assange for allegedly outing confidential US informants. The US Attorney General have been having problems identifying laws broken by Julian Assange and wikileaks. Many of the documents have also been released through the co-operation of mainstream newspapers like the New York Times, The Guardian, and the Sydney Morning Herald. The The Securing Human Intelligence and Enforcing Lawful Dissemination Act (SHIELD) is designed specifically to prosecute whistleblowers and their publishers - such as Julian Assange and Wikileaks - for exposing the inner workings of Government using the excuse of national security. But for documents already published this bill cannot be used as the US Constitution imposes a total ban on ex post facto criminal laws. For an analysis read Criminalizing Whistleblowers: Wikileaks and America's SHIELD Legislation on the Centre for Research on Globalization website.

Many in the Australian legal fraternity are disturbed over the comments by Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Attorney General McLelland that Assange and wikileaks have done illegal activity. Julian Assange's Melbourne solicitor, Rob Stary, said at a forum on Thursday evening that there was ''enormous disquiet as to the role of government attempting to suppress this information" reported in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Noted Queens Counsel and human rights lawyer Julian Burnside said "I think, standing back from it, what we have seen is what happens to a citizen who breaks the unwritten law about embarrassing the governments of powerful countries ... If they want to avoid embarrassment, they shouldn't shut down freedom of information. They should stop acting embarrassingly.''

Australian online activist group Getup! has signed up nearly 75,000 Australians to a statement to be published in the next few days as an advertisement in the New York Times condemning "calls for violence, including assassination, against Australian citizen and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, or for him to be labeled a terrorist, enemy combatant or be treated outside the ordinary course of justice in any way." and call upon President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder "to stand up for our shared democratic principles of the presumption of innocence and freedom of information."

Great Reading

Bern Haggerty 12.Dec.2010 19:05

The documents have made fascinating reading so far. I wonder if a proper index is in the works?


k_rosey48 12.Dec.2010 22:17

the various governments can't decide if he broke any laws.
so their going to try him for not wearing his wellingtons while wading in the cesspools!

Rape apologism, and use of rape and sexual assault for political agendas

linker 12.Dec.2010 23:00

Exposure of Aggressive War Crimes is Not a Crime.

Hans B. 31.Dec.2010 19:01

If the U.S. Government had being doing liberation path rather than re-conquest of the Holyland, there would be no problems for them. Instead they have been caught overthrowing democratically elected governments and imposing dictatorships a la C.I.A. and U.S. Militarism. That is the reason they are so alarmed at the truths that Manning and Assange have exposed to the world. That is why they are trying to persecute the whistleblowers globally. The wars they are engaged in throughout Asia, Latin America and Africa are aggressive wars that are unjust and illegal according to the anti-fascist covenants, such as the Nuremburg Trials, Geneva conventions of war (1949), The United Nations Charter, the World Court of the Hague, and the International war crimes Tribunal (Bertrand Russell style). Wikileaks is exposing the worst sort of war crimes possible in the world. That is how the Nuemburg trials describes the planning and doing of aggressive war, as it actuates all other crimes on the planet. The U.s. Judge who chaired the Trials of the nazis axis powers says that the planning and doing of aggressive war is the supreme international crime on the planet whether Germany does it or the U.s. does it. Such is the world laws that the U.S. Imperialists are breaking planet wide.

Moroccan Association for Defending the civil rights and individual 25.Apr.2011 01:43

Moroccan Association for the defense of civil rights and individual and is a non-
Governmental organization working with all their forces to defend the dignity, rights and application of international law
Human rights and promoting the culture of human rights in Moroccan society, and when we say.
Human rights must know that there are responsibilities and obligations to respect human
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Dan 04.Oct.2011 23:52

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