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Migrant workers in Korea call for international solidarity


Korean migrant workers protest 'slave permits'
Korean migrant workers protest 'slave permits'

Since November 16 2003 South Korean authorities are hunting 120,000 migrant workers with the aim to deport them. Equality Trade Union Migrants' Branch (ETU-MB) and several other groups decided to resist and occupied on Nov 15 Myeong-dong cathedral compound (Report 15-16 March)in the heart of the South Korean capital Seoul. Seventy migrant workers from Indonesia, Nepal and Bangladesh, are there, daily agitating and protesting against the government's plans. On two occasions legal ETU-MB demonstrations have been viciously attacked by units of immigration officers and riot police, resulting in two migrants being seized and multiple injuries.

On 23 February, 19 migrant workers in Hwaseong detention center began a hunger strike. Migrant workers on hunger strike are presently being forcibly deported. The migrant permit system has been described as a South Korean Slave system providing cheap docile labour to maximise corporate profit. Read a chronology and call for international solidarity at Sydney Indymedia and send a protest via Labourstart.

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