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M20 Protests All Around The World


Millions have rallied all around the globe, both on March 19, the actual anniversary of the invasion, as well as March 20--the anniversary of worldwide protests against the war.

In Iraq, a demonstration took place in Baghdad in tandem with protests around the world against the violence of the occupation. The protest was also a powerful show of unity between Sunni and Shia muslims. The marches started with the Shias in Khadamiya, and the Sunnis across the river in Adamiya. The two groups met just as the Shias came over the bridge, and emotions were high as they merged into one. Then together they walked to a public square where speakers denounced the occupation and called for unity between all Iraqis.

Protest Coverage Around the World:

Compilation of Reports from Arkansas-Indymedia

Photos/Numbers from 80+ protests from Germany-Indymedia

Live streaming audio from the streets:

[Chicago IMC (signed off) | Portland IMC | Washington, DC IMC (signed off) | Enemy Combatant Radio (still broadcasting) (SF-Bay Indymedia)] | More Radio Streams

In San Francisco, on March 19, 1,000 activists demanded money for healthcare and education, not for war an education. Some activists opened a squat, while others chained themselves to the Bechtel building to protest war profiteering.

On March 20, The largest protest worldwide took place in Rome, Italy, with estimates running as high as two million. Up to 100,000 rallied in London [ photos: 1, 2 ] and as many as 150,000 in Barcelona. photos ]

In Portland, over 20,000 people marched in the street. [ photos ] Smaller groups after the main march took intersections and were confronted by police.

Tens of thousands marched in 3 arrests. There was later a breakaway march of around 200 people. No further arrests reported.

In Texas, hundreds marched through Austin and rallied outside a police station as part of an ongoing campaign against police brutality there. Later, as many as 1,000 converged near Bush's ranch in -Crawford, TX.

In Manila, Phillippines, several hundred protesters clashed with police outside the U.S. Embassy. Demonstrators also gathered in Cairo.

More events will be posted as information becomes available.


Pictures from Berlin

Germ/any 21.Mar.2004 04:00

Pictures from Berlin

Buffalo on M20

BIMC 21.Mar.2004 04:29

more than 300 demonstrators hit the street in Buffalo, New york braving wind and rain. A few pix just in are here:

compehensive list

germ/any 21.Mar.2004 04:45

compehensive list at Indymedia-Germany:

this article lists more than 80 demonstrations worldwide


ALasBarricadas 21.Mar.2004 06:16

Here is a report of M20 in NYC, as well as several pictures taken:

Pictures from Budapest

drifter 21.Mar.2004 13:56

Pictures from Budapest at

Helsinki 20. march

Juhani 21.Mar.2004 16:58

We had also demo in Helsinki, Finland. There was about 1500-2000 people marching in cold and rainy weather.
Pics here:


Media Mouse 21.Mar.2004 17:03

Protests in Michigan:
Grand Rapids - 150-300
Lansing - 300
Traverse City- 200

More information:

Why We March?

Gluttergirl 21.Mar.2004 17:20

Unable to join the protest due to illness. I made a small art piece with photos of the protest from around the world intercepted with an article written by peace activist Medea Benjamin.



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Collection from Indymedia-Germany

Someone 21.Mar.2004 17:52


Johannesburg: 1000

Japan: 120.000 gesamt
Tokio: 30.000
Bangkok: 100
Manila: 1000, Polizeiübergriffe
Ost Timor: 50
Hong Kong: 100
Seoul: 5000 bei Demo, 200.000 bei Kundgebung
Bagdad: zig Tausende
Kairo: 3000


Sydney: Angaben zwischen 3.000 und 5.000
Melbourne: Tausende
Brisbane: 1000
Wellington: 600
Christchurch: 300
Perth: 200

Rom: Größte Demonstration: 1 Millionen bis 2 Millionen, gespannte Stimmung (Reuters schreibt: 1 Millionen, deutsche Presse schreibt: 250.000)
London: 300.000 (Veranstalter) - 110.000 (Polizei) - 50.000 (deutsche Presse)
Glasgow: 1000

Barcelona: 150 000

Madrid: 100.000

Sevilla: 6000

Iruñea: 3000

Girona: Tausende

Athen: 7000
Thessaloniki: 3000
Brüssel: 10.000
Berlin: 2000
Stuttgart: 120
Hamburg: 600
Rammstein: 3000
zig weitere Städte in D.: Tausende insgesamt
---weitere Sttädte in Europa nach Zahlen geordnet:
Paris: 10.000
Moskau: 5.000
Bern: Tausende
Kroatien: Tausende
Amsterdam: 3.000
Bern: 3.000
Wien: 3.000
Dublin: 2.000
Helsinki: 1500 - 2000
Warschau: 1.000
Göteborg: 1.700
Budapest: 1000
Ankara: 1.000
Istanbul: 1.000
Zypern: einige Hundert
Ljubliana: 200
Belfast: 200
Belgrad: 100

Vancouver: mehrere Tausend

Hallifax: 400
Victoria: Hunderte
Charlottetown: 120

Bogota: 10.000 (am 18.3.)
Buenos Aires: viele Tausend
Santiago de Chile: Tausende
Sao Paulo: Tausende
Montevideo: mehrere Tausend
Honduras: 500
Puerto Rico: Hunderte

USA: insgesamt 250 Demos

New York: 100.000, mehrere Demonstrationen und Aktionen, Polizeigewalt
San Francisco: 50.000, Polizeibrutalität und Misshandlungen von Demonstranten, unter den Opfern ist auch ein Indymedia-Reporter
Portland: 15.000 - 20.000
Seattle: 15.000

--unter 10.000 (alphabetisch):---

Atlanta: 450
Austin: 300
Boston: Tausende
Buffalo: 300
Chicago: mehrere hundert, Polizeigewalt
Crawford, Texas: mehrere Hundert
Fayetteville: 150-175

Grand Rapids, Michigan: 150-300
Lansing, Michigan: 300
Los Angeles: Hunderte, Polizeigewalt

Milwaukee: 1.000
New Jersey: Hunderte
Oakland: Hunderte
Philadelphia: 300, Repression und Razzia
Pittsburgh: 2.000, mit Besetzung
Portland: Hunderte
Salt Lake City: Hunderte
St Paul: 2.000
Traverse City, Michigan: 200
Tucson: 500

VALENCIA, SPAIN 21.Mar.2004 18:12


Reports from Philly

miker 21.Mar.2004 21:20

Indie Hipsters for Peace
Indie Hipsters for Peace

DisARM the President T-Shirt
DisARM the President T-Shirt

Iraqi War dead.
Iraqi War dead.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports today that the police estimated the Philadelphia march to be 3000. A reporter from the Anticapitalist Contingent estimates their contingent at 200 to as much as 300 at their peak. Organizer estimates of the Kucinich for President feeder march were at about 150. Other feeder marches did take place, but I do not have their #s available.

Western Mass/USA

JB 22.Mar.2004 10:39

Matsuyama Against the Occupation

zachwolff 23.Mar.2004 00:43

In Matsuyama Japan, about 150 people showed up to protest the occupation of Iraq. Matsuyama is located in Ehime Prefecture, traditionally a very conservative area, so I consider this a very promising turn out. Also, public protest does not have the wide acceptance in Japan that it does in many other parts of the world.

Oklahoma City

JR 23.Mar.2004 00:55

At least 150 rallied in Oklahoma City, for a beautiful march around the Murrah Building national memorial site. Even one bombed-out building is too many!


global 23.Mar.2004 16:01

00,000 people marched through stormy winds in central London to mark the anniversary of the attack on the Iraq and to call for an end to occupation and war.

2,000 black balloons were released in Trafalgar Square, one for every 10 who have died in this war. There was a minutes silence for the thousands of dead Iraqis, the troops who have died and the casualties of the Madrid bombings.

Speaker after speaker underlined what the majority here and elsewhere know. It is Bush and Blair who are making this world a more dangerous place.

Thousands of the demonstrators held placards saying Blair Out.

The media in Britain got the message. This great movement is not going away until we get justice and peace.

Chris Nineham, Stop the War Coalition

A friend and I came to London from Iraq to join the March 20 demonstration with 'stop war'. In the demonstration, my friend said to me not to go far from our group in order not to get lost. I answered him: "We'll never get lost...because we are not alone anymore!"

Dr. Ali Al-Dabbagh



About 3000 people marched in a demonstration against the continuing occupation in Iraq by the US and its allies. They marched from Mandi House to the American Centre on Kasturba Gandhi Road, New Delhi shouting slogans in Hindi and English. The organisations represented included the Communist Party of India (Marxist), the Communist Party of India, the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) -Liberation, the Forward Bloc, Revolutionary Socialist Party; various trade union federations like the All India Trades Union Congress, the Congress of Indian Trade Unions, United Trades Union Congress, All India Central Council of Trade Unions; student bodies like the All India Students Association, the Student's Federation of India, the All India Student's Front; women's associations like the National Federation of Indian Women, All India Progressive Women's Front, the All India Democratic Women's Association, Saheli and Jagori. An international delegation of 200 women from over 15 countries also participated The All India Peace and Solidarity Organisation (AIPSO), the Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP), Indian Social Action Forum (INSAF) which played a major role in organsing the demo were also out in force as were other groups involved in the peace and anti-war movement.

These various organisations and prominent intellectuals and citizens from all walks of life all marched together under the unified banner of the Citizens Against War and Occupation (CAWO). Though the events in Iraq were clearly the main focus, strong opposition was also expressed towards the continuing occupations of Afghanistan and of Palestine. A statement on behalf of CAWO was read out as well as distributed inhindi and English to the public, detailing the suffering of the Iraqi people and demanding the immediate withdrawal of US and allied troops, the holding of free and fair elections, the renunciation of all economic and political schemes of rebuilding Iraq under the occupation since these are aimed at profiting foreign, especially US, multinationals and at setting up a subordinate regime leaving the US in overall charge behind the scenes. There was also a call for a war crimes tribunal and for full reparations to the peoples of Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine. The Indian government came in for its share of criticism for its ongoing military collaboration with Israel and the US. Apart from the declarations, the distribution of various leaflets in Hindi and English to inform the public, and the colourful banners, there were also street skits with actors using inflated masks of Bush and Blair and impromptu collective singing of peace and anti-war songs.

Besides New Delhi, demonstrations were also held on March 20 in various other cities of the country including Bangalore, Chennai, Lucknow, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Nagercoil, Trivandrum.

Achin Vanaik


The Forum against War and Terrorism, comprising of political parties (Communist Party of India, Communist Party of India (Marxist), Samajwadi Party), trade unions (All India Trade Union Congress, Center of Indian Trade Unions, Sarva Shramik Sangh, Kamgar Aghadi, Sarva Shramik Sanghatana, State Government Employees Federation, Bank Employees Federation of India, Bombay University and College Teachers Union, Trade Union Center of India, Trade Union Solidarity Committee, Indian Federation of Trade Unions, United Trade Union Congress, M.S.E.B.Workers Federation, National Railway Mazdoor Union) , youth organizations (Yuva Bharat, Yuva, Janwadi, Student Federation of India, All India Youth Federation, Democratic Youth Federation of India), women’s organizations (Mahila Sanghatana, Bhartiya Mahila Federation), non-government organizations ( Focus on the Global South, YUVA, Akshara etc) and concerned individuals organized a demonstration at Hutatma Chowk at 4.30pm.demanding America to Quit Iraq.

Although the demonstration in Mumbai was divided into different places due to the police not giving permission to the protestors to peacefully demonstrate and raise slogans at Hutatma Chowk. Around 5 p.m. when the 500 demonstrators started raising slogans, like, “Murderer Bush, quit Iraq”, “Down with U.S. Imperialism”, “Iraq for Iraqi people” the police clamped down and arrested all of them.

There were several rallyists at Churchgate Station who later joined the protestors at Hutatma Chowk and along with the others got arrested. Inspite of this the demonstrators continued to raise slogans in the police vans and at the police station. They were later released after two and a half hours.

There was also a huge rally and demonstration of 10,000 people from different Muslim organizations at Azad Maidan, which was to later join the people protesting at Hutatma Chowk. Although they could not join the protestors as they were denied police permission. Some who joined in few numbers got arrested along with the others.

The Supreme Council of Ulema and Khutaba (India) demanded the ouster of US from Iraq and in their speeches said that the US invaded Iraq last year to oust Saddam Hussein and has since crippled and killed thousands. The Supreme Council comprises of religious leaders, maulanas and Islamic intellectuals among other protestors.


Citizens against War and Occupation, comprising of left political parties, trade unions, concerned civil society, non-government organizations, academics and individuals had a demonstration and rally of about 2000 people from Mandi House in Central Delhi to the American Center (USIS), where they read out the declaration and distributed leaflets of the same to the local public. There was a cultural expression of the protest in the form of songs, skits and street theatre. They declared and demanded the following:



A rally and a signature campaign seeking the immediate evacuation of American troops from Iraq marked the ‘Anti-War Day’ protests in the city. Several trade unions and human rights organizations participated in the rally from Munroe statue on Anna Salai towards Government State, which was organized by the World Social Forum.

Protestors raised slogans against the US and British Governments for failing to provide conclusive evidence that Iraq had WMD. The signature campaign was launched to appeal to the world community not to recognize or support any puppet government imposed on Iraq.


Reports [a] [b] by CAFCA


Too little mobilization in Poitiers (France) : only one hundred people.

Sylvette Rougier


I took part in the mobilization in Montreal, March 20, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.Organizers and newspapers estimated 7,000 Montrealers. The march-rally was spearheaded by the anti-war coalition, Echec a la guerre. This was just one of other simultaneous events in various parts of Canada.

Sammy Gamboa


In Australia, the numbers were about:

Sydney 6000
Melbourne 2000
Brisbane 1000
Canberra 300
Perth 350

David Glanz


On 20 March 2004 a discussion meeting in protest against the war was held in 9/H Motijheel, Dhaka organized by 8-organizations, Bangladesh Krsihok Federation, Bangladesh Kishani Sabha, Bangladesh Adivasi Samity, Bangladesh Floating Laborers' Union, Bangladesh Floating Women Laborers Union, Bangladesh Gramin Buddhijibee Front, Gana Chhaya Sanskritic Kendra and Biplabi Jubo Sabha. The meeting was presided over by Badrul Alam who is the co-ordinator of 8-organizations and General Secretary of Bangladesh Krishok Federation. In the meeting, strong condemnation was expressed against imperialistic war and its expansion of militarism. The meeting defended the struggle of Iraqi people for their independence and sovereignty. The meeting also urged the people all over the world to resist the imperialistic agenda like neo-liberalism and globalization.

Badrul Alam


We had our demos in 12 cities. There were around 10 thousand people in all cities. The biggest was the one in Istanbul with around 3 thousand. There were trade unions, writers, artists, left organizations, muslim organizations, peace aktivists, greenpeace and so on. The slogans were "End the occupation" and "USA get out off Middle-East". We read the solidarity messages from Britian and Greece.

We have started our "Bush, Do Not Come " campaign in all cities as well. It was a good start. We will contiune our campaign till 26-29th of June when NATO summit will take place in Istanbul. We invite all delegations to support our campaign.

Yildiz Onen, The Global Peace and Justice Coalition of Turkey


Organized by the Hungarian Social Forum a peace conference has taken place in Budapest on 20th March 2004 against the occupation of Iraq, for the withdrawal of foreign troops, included the Hungarian ones and for the restitution of self-determination of Iraqi people. We have asked the demolishment of the wall between Israel and Palestine, the guarantee of self-determination of palestinian people and supported Israeli and Palestinian social and political forces fighting for the peaceful cooperation of their peoples. Conference's participants have condemned war and terrorism together, considering them two faces of the same medal: instruments of domination employed by extremists groups of interest. We have observed a minute of silence in the memory of people killed in the terrorist attack of Madrid, 11th March as well as of the victims of 11th September 2001, of people died in the wars on Afganistan and Iraq, included the American soldiers, victims of war policy of the Bush administration.

Peace conference in Hungary has been blessed by archbishop of Hungary, cardinal Peter Erdo and greeted by the deputy president of the National Assembly, the socialist Laszlo Mandur emphasizing the importance of large scale joining forces for peace, reached together. The following peoples rised to speak at our conference:

Bishop Bela Harmati; President of Trade Union Confederation SZEF, Endre Szabo; President of Association of People living Under the Social Minimum (LAET), Andrea Molnar; Member of the Presidency of Hungarian Socialist Party, President of the Commission of Education and Science of the National Assembly, Gyorgy Janosi; Deputy President of Hungarian Workers Party (communist) and Pres. of Movement for the Democracy (TDM) Attila Vajnai; President of Humanist Party, Tibor Varady; Sociologist Zsuzsa Hegedus; Director of motion pictures, Ferenc Kosa; President of Leftwing Youth Front, Peter Szekely; Philosopher Zoltan Endreffy, representing the catholic periodical "Merleg", member of Pax Romana; Gyorgy Bisztrai, Gyongyver Kiss Bajnok and Daniel Bajnok, all representing the Bokor Catholic basis community.

Conference has been introduced by Endre Sime after the poem "Before Easter" of Mihaly Babits recited by actress Ildiko Pecsi.

During the peace conference an important consensus has been reached also on the necessity to act at the defense of human and social rights, the democracy and freedoms put in danger by war and terrorism.


Here in Helsinki about 1500-2000 people march in cold and rainy weather against war and occupation. It was loud and militant demostration. People were shouting: "Troops out - occupation is crime", "stop the killing, stop the crime - israel out of palestine" and "true terrorist - Bush, Blair and Sharon".

There was also demos in Tampere, Vaasa, Jyvaskyla, Kuopio and Oulu.

Next thing for Finnish antiwar movement is Finnish Social forum at early April.

Juhani Lohikoski


There were ca 1000 people in a demonstration in Reykjavik, the capital, and there was also a meeting in Akureyri, a small town in northern Iceland. It looks like the media has more positive attitude towards the anti-war movement now than last year.

Einar Olafsson


Up to 2,000 people demonstrated their opposition to the war and occuputaion of Iraq in Copenhagen, Denmark, Saturday.

Speakers linked the oppression in Iraq and Palestine with the lack of democracy and with loss of social welfare at home.

Lots of people had brought banners, placards etc. and this made it a very colorful demonstration with a wide variety of participants - young, old, black, white, workers, students, men, women.

In 3 other major cities hundreds participated in similar demonstrations.

Jorn Andersen, "Nej til krig" (The Danish 'No to war' coalition)


About 6.000 people demonstrated under bad weather conditions against war and occupation in Iraq and Palestine. The demonstrators condemned the war policy of Blair and Bush based on lies and manipulations, as a source of new violence. The demonstration started with a minute of silence in respect for all victims of war and blind terror. The head of the demonstration was formed by rainbow-peace flags. In the centre of Brussels the demonstration breached the impressive huge symbolic Israelian Apartheids wall constructed by the Action platform Palestine.

The demonstration was the result of an appeal by about hundred grassroots organisations, NGO's and political parties (left, green and nationalists). Protesters appeared very colourful, with banners, masks, costumes and flags. The demonstration was covered by almost all national media, often in a positive way.

Ludo De Brabander


In Japan, as far as I know, protest was organised in most of the prefectures and more than 130,000 people participated. The biggest was Tokyo more than 60,000, then Osaka 20,000, Fukuoka 7,000 and my city, Sapporo, 5,500.

In my prefecture, Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan, porotest was organised in more than 12 towns and all together 11,000 people walked for peace.

5,500 was the biggest number of participants since our protest march began in January 2003. (photos)

I think it is because 1) Japanese government has sent Japanese Self Defence Force to Iraq and many of SDF soldiers were from our place, and 2) two main local centers of trade unions, both joined the same rally and demonstration for the first time in almost 20 years. Active citizen groups worked as a bridge between trade unions.

I hope this would be a new begining...

Asako KAGEYAMA, Hokkaido AALA Solidarity Committee


In Tokyo, thousands of people marched through central Tokyo on Saturday to call for peace in Iraq.

Despite pouring rain, people gathered at Tokyo's Hibiya Park for an anti-war rally before the march, demanding the United States and Japan should immediately withdraw from Iraq.

Many carried banners and placards with slogans including "US, Get Out of Iraq Now!", "Stop the Occupation!" and "No to Japan's Dispatch of Ground Troops to Iraq."

Organisers claimed 30,000 people had turned out for the rally.

A middle-aged man held a large poster that showed US President George Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi under the headline: "The Worst Terrorists."

Another man in his early 20s carried a card that said: "Mr Bush, where are the weapons of mass destruction? You should get rid of your weapons of mass destruction in the US."

Kazuko Sasaki, a 72-year-old housewife, said the United States should leave Iraq now and let the United Nations handle a post-war Iraq. "For the sake of Iraqi people, the UN must take a central role. The US troops bring nothing but chaos," Sasaki said.

Kenkichi Takahashi, Body And Soul


More than five hundred people gathered in front of the Puerto Rican National Guard arsenal in San Juan yesterday to protest the continuing war in Iraq.


The Action Coalition of Taos toppled a twenty-foot effigy of Taos resident Donald Rumsfeld March 20th.

Hundreds of people turned out for the event, which was sponsored by Action Coalition of Taos. The crowd was spurred to cheers of "Lock Him Up! Throw Away the Key!" as Rumsfeld was taken from his fallen missile and chained up.

Visit for more info.


Three events to add to the world-wide protests against war and against occupation.

At 11.30 am LALIT held a round-robin demonstration in front of the US Embassy on the theme "U.S.A. GET OUT OF DIEGO GARCIA". This means that at any one time only eleven demonstrators hold pancartes, as demonstrations are tightly controlled by the Public Gatherings Act, and the Courts have judged that less than 12 people is not a public gathering for the purposes of the Act. The demonstration was reported live on radio, and in the Sunday press. At 2.00 pm there was a meeting of sixteen trade union, political and social organizations, for an hour and a half to discuss, amend and endorse a Common Declaration Against War and Against Occupation, and to support the PEACE FLOTILLA. For details see our website:

This was followed at 3.30 pm with a cultural event open to the representatives of organizations present and Lalit members and their families. The slides that Myrna Pagan gave us on a CD were prepared by two of our members and shown, with a Kreol explanation, showing how political struggles against a US military base can have success! Then there were anti-war songs with beautiful music, as well as poetry by two poets. The LALIT Youth Group had prepared an exhibition against war and a booklet against war.


On March 20 there was a demonstration one year iraq‚s war in jakarta, Indonesia. Some of anti war activist demonstration which is college student doing long march demonstrated from British embassy to UN office and US embassy. In our act we have a lot speech and slogan to against US and the allies occupation in iraq, in that poster written "save our iraq - no more war - war not solution". This demonstration was coordinated by revo which one of anti capitalist group in jakarta, one of our speech said "iraq war was scenario by global capitalism who wants to dominate world economy". In front UN office we are install poster which said "save our iraq"

Meanwhile in US embassy we much speech condemn war in iraq. Along in long march we always give leaflet to the people in the street, either content in leaflet written „insist coalition forces out from iraq, war in iraq only created a new war in indonesia like aceh wars And also freedom for palestine. The demonstration end in peace.

Anti war demonstration in Jakarta held at the same time with parliament election days so that demonstration together with political parties convoy, all parties give us their enthusiastic when we pass them. They yell "long live iraq and long live saddam hussein" but unfortunately the convoy participate didn't want to join us. We only give leaflet to them.

Meistra Budiasa


As the Thai government sent a fresh batch of 400 soldiers in Iraq yesterday to support the US war in Iraq, different groups and individuals under the banner of United for Peace-Chiang Mai join the millions of people all over the world in calling for an end to war in Iraq and an end to all wars for profit and power. The group also joins the Thai people’s call for the withdrawal of Thai troops in Iraq.

The United for Peace-Chiangmai marks March 20 as the day of “Wan Bupa Proy Praey (The Day of the Fluttering of Flowers)”, as they ride their bicycles and motorbikes around the city with flowers and balloons. The flowers are for the Thai soldiers and the others who died in the continuing war in Iraq, and the balloons are to be flown to express solidarity with the peoples over the world in protest.

It was in March 20 last year that US-UK invaded Iraq, even as millions of people over the world demonstrated their protest and opposition to the war. Today, a year after, more people are protesting the continuing Iraq occupation of US and its allies. The presence of foreign troops in Iraq, under the supervision and control of US, and not of the United Nations, is causing the escalation of armed resistance.

The bombings and killings have not stopped. The number of deaths continues to rise daily. Since the declaration of the end of “major combat” on May 1, 2003, 10,000 Iraqi civilians, 500 U.S. soldiers, and 41 of other nationalities have been killed.

Among those who have been killed are Amporn Chulert and Mitr Klaharn, two non-combatant Thai soldiers from the Army engineering division. They were part of the troop of 422 soldiers sent to Iraq by the Thaksin government in September 2003. The fact that the Thai soldiers are non-combatants and were sent for “humanitarian reasons,” did not serve as any protection for their lives. Amporn and Mitr, along with other Thai troops, were sent to Iraq without the full agreement of the Thai people, and not even with the full support of the Thai senate. Amporn and Mitr left were both married and had sons.

United for Peace-Chiangmai believes that Amporn and Mitr’s lives, as well as the other deployed Thai soldiers, are being used by the Thai government as coupons for U.S. military aid, as leverage to negotiates free-trade agreement, and as a ticket for Thai businesses to bid for reconstruction contracts in Iraq. The PTT Exploration & Production Plc (PTTEP) of Thailand a state-controlled company has expressed its intention to get a share in oil and gas projects in Iraq.

Today, the group held a bicycle-motorbike-car motorcade for peace around Chiang Mai city, dressed in red and carrying red balloons. From the PTT petrol station where they gathered, the motorcade for peace ended at the U.S. Consulate. On the way, the group stopped at Gawila military barracks to invite the soldiers to join our call for the withdrawal of Thai troops from Iraq. The group also stopped at the British Consulate, as the United Kingdom has been the strongest supporter of the U.S. war and occupation of Iraq.

United for Peace-Chiangmai calls for –
the immediate withdrawal of Thai troops from Iraq.
an immediate end to the sacrifice of lives for profit, lives for oil.
an immediate end to the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

Thousands rally in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Harrisburg

SuZQ 23.Mar.2004 18:49

3,000 marched in Philadelphia, see
More than 2,000 demonstrated in Pittsburgh, with marches, rallies, sit-ins, and building occupations of Carnegie-Mellon University, which has extensive military research contracts, see (police raided the activists' medical center without a warrant, and with dogs, on the night of March 19th), and about 300 rallied on Pennsylvania's Capitol steps in Harrisburg; see (you must first fill out a form and accept a cookie to read it.)