Israel Assassinates Hamas Leader


funeral of Yassin
funeral of Yassin

Declaring that the gates of hell have been opened, Hamas militants are vowing revenge on Israel and it's U.S. benefactors for the assassination of Hamas founder and political leader, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin as he left the mosque following morning prayers. In addition to Yassin, 7 Palestinian civilians, including 3 of Sheikh Yassin’s bodyguards, were killed and 17 others injured, including two of Sheikh Yassin's sons. According to The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights "at approximately 05:20 on Monday morning, Israeli helicopter gunships launched 3 missiles at Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, 66, an elderly disabled man, after he had left the Islamic Association Mosque in the densely populated al-Sabra neighborhood in the center of Gaza city, after the dawn payer. Sheikh Yassin was traveling on his wheelchair accompanied by 3 bodyguards, when one of the missiles directly hit Sheikh Yassin and his bodyguards. The other two missiles exploded in the surrounding area and killed 4 other civilians."

Condemnation of Israel's action is coming from all quarters except the Whitehouse. At the United Nations, Secretary-General Kofi Annan pointed out "Such actions are not only contrary to international law, but they do not do anything to help the search for a peaceful solution." An EU statement notes: "Israel is not entitled to carry out extra-judicial killings.." Amnesty International released a strong condemnation as well. Reports of possible retribution by Palestinians are already coming in and protests in Ramallah and elsewhere continue to take place. Palestine solidarity groups are calling for emergency demonstrations in New York, London, Rome, Belgium, and beyond.

As expected, prime minister, Ariel Sharon said Israel would continue such attacks in its fight on the "war on terrorism". Sharon's belligerence is viewed by many as the greatest threat to peace in the Mideast.

Jerusalem IMC

Electronic Intifada

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Demo in Israel also...

IMC Israel 23.Mar.2004 17:34

Hundreds of Israelis showed up last night at a last minute demonstration against Yassin's assasination in Tel-Aviv... follow the link below for more information and pictures.

ummm... the link

IMC Israel 23.Mar.2004 17:36


observer 23.Mar.2004 18:18

"Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, 66, an elderly disabled man.."

come on...tell it like it is... he's a mass murderer.

A sheik departs, very, very quickly

Wesley Pruden 23.Mar.2004 18:24

Sheik Ahmed Yassin, good riddance. No R.I.P. for this gravestone. The ghosts of hundreds of Jews would tell you that he lived only too long.

This is what nearly everyone is thinking this morning, but few want to say so. Speaking ill of the dead is not a Judeo-Christian thing to do, even when we're glad that the old scoundrel is at last with Ol' Scratch.

The sheik was buried yesterday amidst a riotous explosion of gunfire, weeping and wailing, and with military honors. Thousands of Palestinian students of the mortician's gruesome arts crowded close to his open coffin carried over the heads of the mourners, pressing in to inspect what was left of him. The military rites mocked the honor of real soldiers, who in other cultures and other traditions do not demonstrate manly valor by killing children.

The Europeans, who never see a terrorist they can't make excuses for, are as noisy as a tree full of magpies this morning, eager to cluck-cluck, point with faux piety and view with manufactured alarm the slaying of the "spiritual leader" of Hamas, who plotted the murder of hundreds of innocents. Some spirit. Some leader. But even the British felt compelled to scold the Israelis and sigh wistfully over the "peace process."

Ah, yes. The peace process, a process that is to peace as Velveeta is to cheese. The chief of foreign policy for the European Union produces a tear or two, as if squeezing a small Bermuda onion in his pocket, to show us that he feels particularly bad: "This is very, very bad news for the peace process."

The Europeans, in fact, quickly ran out of words to express their sadness and had to use some of them twice. The Russians are "very, very concerned." The Polish foreign minister, who seems just about over his mourning for the dead of Madrid, is afraid the killing of the sheik may have "very, very negative consequences."

Condoleezza Rice, the White House national security adviser, had the grace to restrain herself while thinking of something diplomatic to say about something she couldn't reasonably regret but had to sound as if she feels at least a small remnant of rue. "Let's remember that Hamas is a terrorist organization," she said.

Indeed, even the European Union, in a spasm of truth-telling, once said that much about Hamas.

Jack Straw, the British foreign secretary, said the obvious — "Israel has the right to defend itself" — but quickly entered the ritual "but, but." Said he: "But it is not entitled going for this kind of unlawful killing, and we therefore condemn it."

We can play the "but, but" game, too, and therefore ask the obvious: But if Israel is entitled to defend itself against the lawless killing of civilians who have never offended even a single Palestinian, why is Israel not entitled to dispatch the lawless killer? If Osama bin Laden is fair game, why should Ahmed Yassin, or any of the other leaders of the Palestinian terrorists be immune to justice?

Ahmed Yassin never attempted to hide who he was or what his goals were. This may have been a distortion of courage, or it may have been merely cunning exploitation of carefully cultivated hatred. He founded Hamas 25 years ago to oppose all compromise, all attempts to forge peace for the Middle East, all efforts to bridge differences between peaceful Muslim and friendly Jew. Not for him "the brotherhood of the Abrahamic faiths."

The Hamas charter was written in the rhetoric of hatred of Jews, employing the vilest of anti-Semitic language. He sprinkled a few shekels through the Palestinian villages, not in a spirit of godly concern for those in need, but to identify, recruit and manipulate the young he needed for his ranks of suicide bombers. When he was jailed briefly by the Israelis a decade ago, Yasser Arafat pleaded for his freedom, assuring the Israelis that Yassin was a man of peace, a "spiritual leader" after all, who would work to subdue the violence. Once freed, as an Israeli gesture to the negotiations at Oslo, he hurried off to Saudi Arabia to collect money from our dear friends in Riyadh to finance the weapons for his armed struggle. Forty months of unrelenting murder and mayhem against Israeli civilians followed.

The Middle East is a very, very dangerous place, and nobody has a clue what to do about it. That's why the words "peace process," which everyone understands are all but meaningless, have become the mantra of diplomats. "You could look for other options from now until the crack of doom," says Chris Patten, the commissioner for external relations for the European Union, "and you wouldn't find anything more sensible than the road map." Until then, we can blame the Jews.

End the Racist Occupation!

Jew against the occupation of Palestine 23.Mar.2004 20:13

Mass Murderer, terrorist, yes, well is there a substantive difference between terrorism and state terrorism?

The occupation of palestinian land is ILLEGAL.

Extra judicial killings are ILLEGAL.

Israel is an occupation force that is fighting against a resistance force.

End the occupation.

If Israel will maintain the right of return for "real jews", The argument against the right of return for palestinians is racist. Zionism is racism.

Stop the cycle of violence. End the occupation. negotiate in good faith with your human brothers and sisters.

murderers on both sides

Nick 23.Mar.2004 20:26

sure he's was a murder. But so is the Israeli gov. And they started it.


Rytr23 23.Mar.2004 21:01

You know, I absolutely love the almost sociopathic dismissal of 25 years or premeditated murder and terrorism, as but a small, insignificant thing compared to the "unlawful" termination of a truly horrid human being. You are a disgrace to your species. There will be peace in that region when every last Israelie and palestinian are dead and burried. Thats the bottom line. There is apparently no compromise for the Arabs, so likewise there can be none for the Jews.

Good ridance!

Lucide 23.Mar.2004 21:16

How many young men and women did this neo-nazi send to death by brainwashing and fooling them into carrying out suicide attacks? How many innocent people had he killed?
But he should be happy now in hell.
He must be having fun with his 72 promised virgins.

Killing is not the solution

Greg 23.Mar.2004 22:00

This isn't good; even if he was a killer, it doesn't justify his assassination. Israel needs to learn to start sharing, and the Palestinians need to find more creative ways to help their side of their argument rather than suicide bombing and the such.

Good ridance!

Someone lucid. 23.Mar.2004 22:15

How many young men and women did this neo-nazi send to death by brainwashing and fooling them into carrying out suicide attacks? How many innocent people had he killed?

Anyway, he must be happy having fun with its 72 virgins now.

Let's send the others nazislamists to their afterlife orgies.

Thank you Indymedia

Kurai Tsuki 23.Mar.2004 23:17

After reading this article I have a greater trust for Indymedia to give accurate information while taking all aspects of situations into account. If sources of information like this that would reveal Israeli imperialism in the Middle East existed in the 1980's and early 90's then there would be many less Americans with the misconception that the Israeli government is some kind of force of peace.


Kurai Tsuki 23.Mar.2004 23:19

After reading this article I have a greater trust for Indymedia to give accurate information while taking all aspects of situations into account. If sources of information like this that would reveal Israeli imperialism in the Middle East existed in the 1980's and early 90's then there would be many less Americans with the misconception that the Israeli government is some kind of force of peace.


wfarid 23.Mar.2004 23:28

Well, it's nice to see this endless cylce of revenge. Not the Isrealis or the Palestinians are more right in this case because BOTH f*cking sides have chosen to keep on attacking each other. Both sides continue this cycle of death and suffering. IF one side was smart enough, MORAL enough, HUMANE enough to stop attacking EVENTUALLY (not immediatly, i mean eventually, over some time) the bloodshed would end. As hard as it is to believe this it is TRUE!

"Cry me a river, liberal." -Dogbert

Kurai Tsuki 23.Mar.2004 23:58

Its so interesting to see people who probably knew very little about the middle east before 911 and still now have only basic knowledge of it trying to have their points on it taken seriously. The opinions that matter are of those who have to experience this kind of violence on a daily basis, I would much rather listen to a Palestinian perspective on the situations than those of American hippies and liberals.

Submit retry/sorry if it is a double/first isn't yet visible

Kurai Tsuki 24.Mar.2004 00:07

Its so interesting to see people who probably knew very little about the middle east before 911 and still now have only basic knowledge of it trying to have their points on it taken seriously. The opinions that matter are of those who have to experience this kind of violence on a daily basis, I would much rather listen to a Palestinian perspective on the situations than those of American hippies and liberals.

well im not a newb to this entire situation

wfarid 24.Mar.2004 00:33

I've been following the middle east crisis since I was for almost 10 years now, being a first generation pakistani with muslim parents i heard about this issue nearly every day. I've written about it several times,I've analyzing the problem, the situation, and possible soluations... So I don't think that I'm JUST A HIPPIE that doesn't know anything about the situation. I have sympathy for both sides, the Palestinians way more than the Isrealis. But I can still see that one side, no matter what side it is (it should be Isreal in my mind since they are the more powerful advanced people) has to stop being the agressor in order for the agression to stop


AFGHAN GIRL 24.Mar.2004 04:12

Reading a few statements here, I realized the comments are coming from Yankee Liars and Israeli Butchers...

The Israeli bucthers have no real home, they were kicked out of Europe and unfortunately the Palestinians gave the shelter to them.

From the Vatican to the European leaders..all condemned this act of inhumanity from the Israeli side (as usual). Truth of the fact remains that The Martyr Shaikh Yassin was and will always be a National Hero in the world, regardles of what Yankee Liars and Israeli butchers say...

And since these criminals have no knowledge I'd like to take a moment and let you know that there is a big difference between terrorist OSAMA BIN LADEN and MARTYR SHAIKH YASSIN. You can try to connect them, but the fact is that they were never allies and Palestians are against Al-Qaida. Stop watching CNN and start researching on your own.

The world now knows what the Palestinians go through every single day. Each day sheds more light on the crimes the Isrealis commit against Palestinians. How can Palestinians be terrorists when they fight with rocks and stones against US-Made Israeli tanks??? Think with your head Yankees, not with your asses.

Yes I agree that suicide is a sin in all religions...but what do you expect someone to do if a well armed country takes over your land, kills your family then tries to wipe out a whole race of people??? The only weapon the people can use is themselves. WHat cowards the Israelis are for fighting against a people who have no jets, no tanks, etc... They (Israelis) feel powerful because they are fighting against a people who are have nothing...except FAITH and it is this FAITh that will strike the hearts of the real terrorists...the occupying forces of Israel. The Palestinians will continue to fight like LIONS against the Bucther Israelis.

I, like many other believing Muslims have patience and the day will come when these Butchers will get the punishement they deserve...

My respects go out to the Americans and Israelis who strongly oppose this Satanic Government of Sharon and people should learn from Adam Shapiro

To thy brainwashed

mike 24.Mar.2004 07:39

It saddens me every time I come to the indymedia website, and realize that left-wing has been hijacked by people who selective listen and can only find comfort in blaming Jews and Israel for everything.
I know most people will not take the time to look into the true history of Israel, but I hope some do.
If you want to look into topics, let me suggest:
The creation of Israel, and how it came about - I recommend getting actual texts cause the story has been very much manufactured today.
Or maybe all the wars Israel has fought, reasons for them, and then just think... what if they lost one - there would be no Israel.
Or maybe the backgrounds of the countries that condemn Israel and their killings of their own civillians and political opponents in order to maintain their dictatorships.
Also look into the people who are 'Martyrs', like Yassin, the man who believed that getting the west bank and gaza back to the palestinians will mean the land could be used to attack Israel more effectively and "push every Jew into the Mediterannean".

It reminds of a story I hold. Osama Bin Laden calls up Yasser Arafat and asks him how he is able to help with the killings of many people and be given a Nobel-Peace prize, while he kills and the whole world is after him. You know what Arafat replies, it's simple, I only attack Jews.

Sad to say, but killing Jews has become so cliche now, that no one really bats an eye anymore.

One last thing, also look into the size of Israel compared to the Arab countries that surround it, then wonder why none of them have had room for Palestinians and why they keep them in Refugee camps. The Arab countries surrounding Israel are about 800 times the size and only 50 times the population of Israel.

I will bet that people will attack this response, but I feel sorry for those who are just trying to get information, but keep on getting Nazi-esque propoganda.

Oh wow, Afghan girl is a real genious

Dave 24.Mar.2004 07:43

I cant believe you guys are crying over this worthless man. He wasn't even a head of state, he was the leader of Hamas. Israel had every right to kill the him as he was the head of an organization that has been launching attacks on Israel for years. The whole situation sucks, but I'm honestly surprised Israel has held back so much. The palestinians are throwing everything they have into it but if Israel stopped pulling punches things would come to a rather abrupt and one sided end.

War sucks, but a lot of you guys expect it to be civilized and rational.


read more about ! 24.Mar.2004 14:08

"Israelis govenment is mass murder,...tehy started the killing..."
Ha ha ha!
Nothing learned, nothing read!
Please remember:
Russian persecution and pogroms expelled thousands of jews in the late 18hundrets.
Antisemitism in europe grew!
With hitlers leadership in fucking germany massmurder and expellation started in fucking old europe europe. No state declared to embrace refugees without any limit not even the usa.
as a negative consequence to the shoa the jewish state israel was founded, because Antisemitism was not even after shoa effectivly deleted.
but who started in palestine? 1982 al husseini, leader of the local "muslim brotherhood" started a pogrom in Hebron, where lived since thousands of years nonzionist jews! Pogroms against jews didn't stop in the fundamentalist arabian states that where allianced with Hitler in both world wars.
The so called "Uprises" of palestinensians where nothing more than antisemitc pogromes.
Palestinensian part never accepted any existance of a jewish state in palestine. Never!
Jewish part accepted all distribution plans from the colonial government.
All wars against Israel where started or provoked by egyptian and libanese forces.
Even the six days war was absolutely provoked, egyptians will to eliminate israel by its vulnerable economny was uttered often enough from any egyptian leader. palestinensian "resistance" always was encouraged by german faschists an connections between them never broke.Theres nothing left in palestinensian struggle! Nothing emacipative!

there is nothing wrong in Israels self defence. End of occupation would lead to an antisemitic defined state palestine that would start an official war against israel at once.
Break the fascist propaganda about israel!
Delete Germay! Delete capitalism!

What a waste ...

anonymous 24.Mar.2004 17:35

"Declaring that the gates of hell have been opened, Hamas militants are vowing revenge on Israel and it's U.S. benefactors for the assassination of Hamas founder and political leader"

What, exactly, does the U.S. benefit from backing Israel? We give them weapons, train them on how to use them, and all we get is thousands of pissed off militant muslims that steal our planes and crash them into our buildings. I don't think that Israel doesn't deserve assistance in defending against terrorist attacks, quite the contrary they need as much help as they can get, but it is ridiculous to think that Israel is just a simple victim in all this. Whenever an extreamist blows him/her self up in an attack on Israel, Israel responds by attacking not only suspected Palestinan militants, but often times Palestinian civilians as well. Some might view this as fair, seeing as though Islamic militants certainly don't make any distinction between military and civilian targets, which is shameful to say the least, but for Israel to say they're fighting terrorism and are the good guys is extremely hypocritical of them if they fail to take the safety of innocent, non-militant Palestinians into account when conducting "counter-terrorist" attacks. For every one innocent Palestinian you kill, two will become militants. In order for peace to ever come to the middle-east one side has to unconditionally end their violent role, in instigation and response, to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Until that happens, the conflict will do nothing else but escalate until everyone on both sides is dead.

End the occupation

Jew against the occupation 24.Mar.2004 17:36

The occupation of Palestinian land is illegal. It is inhumane violent and it goes against the most basic precepts of the jewish faith.

Extra judicial killings seem convenient, but they to are completely outside the rule of law. They are ILLEGAL.

Is there a substantive difference between terrorism and state terrorism? Yes, the state is usually far more violent and well armed. A state also has some imaginary legitimacy and lots of sign posts of legitimacy. Can there ever be freedom on stolen land?

Mass murder... far more palestinians have died from Israeli bombs and war than Israeli's from suicide bombings. This does not calculate deaths from deprivations.

How can Israel garauntee the right of return for real "jews" , but deny it for palestinians? This is racist hypocrisy. Zionism is racism.

Israel cannot be safer than a freer Palestine. Don't dig the trenches any deeper.
End the Occupation.

End the occupation

jew against occupation 24.Mar.2004 17:53

The occupation is brutal racist and it goes against basic precepts of Jewish faith. Furthermore it is ILLEGAL.

Extra judicial killings which is policy of Israel are brutal, without justice, and they go against basic precepts of Jewish faith. Once more they are also ILLEGAL.

Israel flouts international law and standards for human rights.

Terrorism is acts of violence in the absence of war. Can we call this a war already. It is a war of the occupiers against the occupied. Is there a substantive difference between terrorism and state terrorism? Yes, usually the state has various markers and claims to legitimacy and usually a vastly greater capacity for violence.

Mass murder...
It is true in this case. Far more Palestinians have died at the hands of the IDF, than israeli civilians at the hands of suicide bombers. "But, but all the palestinians are terrorists", you say. Must you kill all palestinians to end terror? This is one of the blatantly racist remarks from defenders of the occupation. Most who are killed are women and children. This does not account for the deaths caused by various forms of deprivation associated with the occupation.

There cannot be a safer Israel than a freer Palestine.

Stop the cycle of violence. Work for reconciliation and reparations. Stop digging the trenches deeper.

End the occupation

re:mass murder

john 24.Mar.2004 18:18

Y'know it IS a war! Both sides have killed civilians (although Israel had killed almost 4 times as many people, and Palestinians have a higher percentage of military targets. Israel must end it's occupation if it wants to end this war, period. Israel started it, Israel must end it or suffer.

End the Occupation!

Whose Fist? 24.Mar.2004 20:41

End the Occupation! Dispose of King Hussein of Jordan! Let the Palestinians go back to Palestian to the east of the Jordan river.

The Heshimites are the true oppressors!

It's funny how the Arabs have selective memory about how this started. If only the Heshimites had taken the Olive Branch in 1967, the Palestinians would be in a much better place.

"Life without knowledge is death in disguise"

Truth seeker 24.Mar.2004 21:24

It is interesting to see how people are so ready to jump down the throat of Israel

Especially the left, who now is siding with militant islamists, let talk about the gay palastinians who escape to Israel for their life.

The left who doesn't want to back reform in Islam, but wants instead to side with asshole militants.

calling what the palastinians are doing freedom fighting, freedom fighting would be to speak up against arafat and try to talk seriously about a two state solution

it is also amusing to me that people who speak so loud, know so little. Who really has done research on this, who really knows the last 30-50-100 years of this area? i assure you not half of the people whom speak the loudest on it.

such ignorance holds no place in this world.
study before you speak


anonymous 25.Mar.2004 06:18

I disagree. This single article does NOT represent the overall consensus of liberals world-wide. You should gain some evidence of this from the pro-israel posts in this very forum. The truth is, that the left is just as divided as everyone else on what should be done about the middle-east. The only one thing that is agreed upon by everyone is that whatever is done, peace is the end we should be striving for. Any halfway intelligent person in the world knows that peace will never be attained by siding with islamic millitant terrorists. It also cannot be attained by siding with Israel.

The real problem is that both sides cannot be left to sort this out on their own. It's become the world's problem, because if other nations around the world tried to remain seperatists in the matter and leave the middle east's matters to the middle east, they end up with Islamic nationals in their yard with a bomb straped to their chest, or zionists in Israel asking for military aid to fight terrorists, which in-turn enrages Palestinian supporters if they recieve it. How rediculous. Everyone else has to be the middle east's baby-sitter because if we try to maintain a seperatist perspective on the problems in the middle east, it will blow up in our face... literally.

I don't support Israel. I don't support Palestine. Fuck you both equally, and I am very sorry for the innocent people caught up in the middle of the religious zeolots on either side of the coin.


Just a Voice 25.Mar.2004 09:04

Israel started its existence at war with the Arab world. They started no wars (though did first strike once on the brink of war allowing them to win what could have been their end). They are a people who feel that they must fight for their right to exist. Many of Israelis borders are with hostile neighbors, I stayed in the north of Israel once and you could hear the shelling at night. They had to arm schoolteachers because Arabs would try to shoot school children. They want security and have learned one way to get it, force. Most Arab worlds never recognized Israel as a state so they couldn't even attempt diplomacy.

The Palestinians are the only refugees whose children maintain refugee status. All other UN refugees’ children aren't considered refugees. When the Arab world lost the first war to Israel the only response from the Arab world was to promise the destruction of the state of Israel, and the Palestinian refugees would get to go back. Well eventually when the Arab world gave up on war with Israel they just used the Palestinians to keep up the violence. That’s why Saddam gave $5,000 or something like that to families of suicide bombers. They made terrorism into an industry. Same with Arafat, he's got loads of cash stashed away cause he made an industry out of terrorism. If you think that Israel is no possible partner for peace then take a look at some of refugee camps and compare the ones Israel ran to the ones that Arab countries ran at the same time.

The strategy of violence only hurts the pals. Before the second Intifada started the borders between Israel and Palestine were very open, with many cities under PA authority. They had bus tours of the refugee camps taking off from Jerusalem daily. When it started they slowly clamped down on the West Bank, then more and more and finally sent in troops to re-occupy. So don’t give me this Israel is the evil occupier, they have been dealing with a situation how they know. When they feel insecure they attack the source of the violence. Remember! They have always had hostile neighbors, and have only survived through violence in defense. You want peace, easy, make Israel feel secure. Stop protesting the wall!!! If you want Palestinians safe, that is one of the best looking options right now. Oh, yah. There never has been a state of Palestine. They never made one. The Arab world had no interest. After every war all the land that any Arab nation won was theirs, they never gave anything to the Palestinians or did anything to help them start a country.

one pig is dead , more to come

Death to terrorists 25.Mar.2004 12:53

How is next? piggy arafat or maybe rantisy or mabe some brainless leftist asshole that will get head clean by D9?

partisan attacks

Matt 25.Mar.2004 20:08

Come on people. There are so many sources of information out there and still some rightwingers come to this site and pretend like their information is correct and the whole left wing is uninformed. Some of the left wing is uninformed and some of the right wing is uninformed. Some people trust dubious information sites but it's not limited to liberals or conservatives.

It seems like as soon as someone bases any argument on information that doesn't support another person's cause, they're uninformed. Well, it doesn't make someone irrational to trust liberal media, just like it doesn't make someone irrational to trust conservative media. People go along with media that compliment their biases. That's how it works. This fingerpointing is absolutely rediculous and will never achieve anything. So, if you're going to come to a liberal media site and act like everything they report is wrong, why don't you quit your stupid bitching and go start up one using facts that support your cause. Pathetic people.

In addition

Matt 25.Mar.2004 20:15

In addition, I'd like to give a little perspective on this. I agree with the people who don't support either side.

It seems to me that the terrorist palestinian leadership kills innocents knowing that the israelis will fight back and kill their own innocents. Meanwhile the Israeli terrorist leadership knowingly provokes the Palestinians with settlements and military occupation. Both keep up the cycle of violence knowing that it will only kill more people.

Also, I'd like to remind people that a death is a death. No matter what the motive was.

Good riddance

ST 26.Mar.2004 03:05

Nice shot. A mass murdering holy-man who encouraged teenagers to strap on explosives and blow themselves up in crowded marketplaces. He was responsible for hundreds of deaths, and a thousand wounded, and he got what he deserved. Now get the rest of those murdering Hamas bastards, and Arafat too.

re: re:mass murder

anonymous 26.Mar.2004 07:52

hey john,
just thought i'd throw u a quick question.
if one was to kill 30 people and injure 140, all innocent civilians, eating a sacred passover meal, would you consider me a good person? Do me a favor, buddy, and check out
read throught this list, line by line, and
a) count the dead
b) count the number of times hamas took resposibility for the attacks
better yet, count the number of military targets hit by these killers. Last i checked, sniping out a 9 month old baby (named Shalhevet Pass, who committed the disgusting act of being born jewish in the "occupied territories") is not a military target,neither is a double homicide bombing of the Ben Yehuda mall, which i personally lost two close friends, as well as the use of my right leg. Dont you tell me that these are political or military targets.
Yassin was a murderer of israelis and palestinians. Israel, like any other country, defended itself and its own interests. whether you like it or not, israel is here to stay, and for as long as these homicide bombers keep killing innocent israelis this war will go on.


Nate 27.Mar.2004 02:00

This is for all of you who truly believe the cause of palestinian terrorists is just, and that Israel is an oppressive, even Fascist state, and you are supporting people like Yassin, it should be noted that while these cowardly terrorist organization leaders are not willing to blow themselves up, they are actively recruiting volunteers to commit suicide attacks. If truly have the courage of your misguided convictions, why haven't you blown yourselves up? I am sure Hamas would be happy to supply all of you with dynamite and ball bearing vests. Also the Israeli army probably would not mind sending some bullets and missles your way. You could be on TV. Just think of all the good you could do for the righteous and just terrorist cause.


Isaac 27.Mar.2004 03:34

first off, if there is true freedom recongized and protected by a government, why would you need two states to perform that task? I disapprove of attacks against non-combantants on either side, and some guise of statehood, the wish of or current condition of, is no justification for this, but The guy who got "assassinated" has encouraged attacks against non-combatants in a very direct and effective manner making him fair game, but the Isrealie government has many more times over attacked non-combatants, so if this guy is fair game, so is Sharon, and for that matter Bush... and, yes any assult against settlers, the imperilist's pawns, are also fair game... and the Palistine liberation groups, to my knowledge, are just as guilty of trying to supress and opress people as the Isrealie government, and in many ways, any government...

killing combatants

joey 28.Mar.2004 09:09

just thought id add my 2 cents...
if the pali's want to aim their sights on political targets, go right ahead (sharon, army bases) but dont pussy out and kill kids. its just not right.

Hamas Leader Assasination

M. K. 28.Mar.2004 19:07

My only problem associated with your article on how ariel sharon's beligerence is responsible for unrest in the middle east is that the founder of Hamas founded it on terror. Hamas breeds terror through a lifestyle of hate, teaching their children that there is no isreal, that parents are not only willing not only to have their own flesh and blood, their pride and joy, their children take their own lives while also becoming mass murderers of unarmed civilians. Hamas's founder was a terrorist, personally responsible for organizing and masterminding attacks on civilians. The day he was assasinated, the Palistinian Authority lowered their flags to half mass, symbolizing that not only do they sympathize with terrorists, but they support them. In no way is it justified to make a terrorist mastermind appear sympathetic just because he was bound to a wheelchair. The man was filled with hate and the world is a better place without him.

Re: Oh wow, Afghan girl is a real genius

Greg 29.Mar.2004 03:38

"Israel had every right to kill the him as he was the head of an organization that has been launching attacks on Israel for years."

... they broke international law by assassinating him

A Modest Proposal

Escaped Lunatic 31.Mar.2004 00:13

Here is a modest proposal I came up with. The United States or some other country with nuclear weapons could pledge to drop enough nuclear weapons on Israel and Palestine to kill everyone, about 1 year in advance, and specify the date and time that Israel and Palestine would be reduced to a nuclear wasteland. Then everyone would have 1 year to leave, before the bombs get dropped. All Arab countries would be required to accept unlimited Palestinian and Israeli Arab immigrants, and European countries would be required to accept unlimited Israeli Jewish immigrants. Everyone left behind 1 year later would perish, but hopefully, nobody would be that dumb. After the bombs are dropped, anyone who is stupid enough could move back there, but nuclear radiation would make most of them get cancer and die, so the Holy Land would become an uninhabited wasteland, and the only people who live there would be horribly disfigured mutants, who would probably evolve into a new species more advanced than humans. This new species would end up taking over the world, of course, but that is another story. This modest proposal is the final solution, to achieve peace, in the new world order.

International law? Who cares?

Alsadius 31.Mar.2004 10:38

Greg, international law is law like figure skating is a sport(and it's got about the same calibre of judging). I don't care whether what Israel did violated your concept of "international law", I care whether it was a just act. Last I checked, fragging a subhuman monster like Yassin was a just act. Sure, it would have been nice if they could have put him on the stand first, and even nicer if they could avoid killing bystanders(the true victims of this), but the goal was a good one.

Death to zionism & the fake "state" of "israel"

Angry Manc 08.Apr.2004 09:58

Man in a wheel chair - and they call us
Man in a wheel chair - and they call us "terrorists"

All fake
All fake "Jews" occupying Palestine will look like this soon

Death to America - death to
Death to America - death to "israel" the fake, anti-Jewish "state"

Screw you zionazi scum - "israel" has NO right to exist. This 50 year old occupation of Palestine is ANTI-SEMITIC - where is your "messiah"? You are pissing on the Torah if you think "israel" is a legitimate Jewish concept at this time - these fake Jews (actually ZIONISTS) who belieive that the stolen land of Palestine is their "promised land" are rejecting the Jewish faith and embracing the racist ideology of zionism - they are not the same thing - let these real Jews explain:

Stuff the fake "state" of "israel" - it is ALL occupied land! And the real terrorists are the zionist nazis who are occupying Palestine - led by the proven war criminal Ariel 101-Sharon the baby-killing butcher of Palestine. All zionist scum will be wiped out from Palestine - the real Jews who want to live in peace can stay but the zionists will probably sacrifice them (as they did when the zionists were collaborating with the nazis in WW2).

Death to the occupiers of Palestine - Death to the occupiers of Iraq.

"israel" - 50 years of lies, baby-killing, land-theft, fraud, murder of women and children, collective punishments, gross human rights abuses (the pilars of Judaism? or is it zionism?), and generally putting everything they "learned" from Hitler into practice against the native Palestinians whose land they have stolen. The abused often become the abusers - the zionazis truely deserve their name. Get out of Palestine and you will not get blow up - if you keep occupying stolen land you can't complain about the Palestinians attacking you and killing WHOEVER to get thier land back.

Death of Yassin

Allyson Rowen Taylor 10.May.2004 05:11

The death of Yassin and Rantisi prove the Jews will not go quietly ever again to the oven, nor put up with terrorists who surround themselves with children as human sheilds. This was no "frail foe" of Israel. This man, was a mass murderer and may whatever remains of him rot in hell

wait for the day

wait for the day 10.Sep.2007 19:55

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we forget not bosnia kesmir lubnan palestine irak turkey

the moslims wake up

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Scum of israHELL

Death angel 25.Jun.2012 22:55

Regarding this old poor god fearing man who unfortunately got murdered by areal Sharon's scum Jews will defiantly face Satan in hell for sure. No one will help thIs Palestine people . Only saviours will be Iran who will rid scum for good and once again will show them the truth does hurt!! GOD BLESS IRAN & and it's highly intelligent scientists.. Come on Iran show israHELL what restoring peace & fairness & right to live means!!