Bush Ship of State Hits Iceberg - Republicans Jumping Ship



The Bush regime has taken another serious hit after former White House counterterrorism coordinator, Richard Clarke became the latest insider to reveal just how dishonestly the present administration behaved both before and after 9/11. Clarke's credentials are impeccable. He served under seven U.S. presidents and worked inside the White House for former president, George H.W. Bush, president Bill Clinton, and, of course, George W. Bush. Mr.Clarke stated pointedly in a newly released book that the Bush regime had "a plan from day one that they wanted to do something about Iraq. And while the World Trade Centre was still smoldering, while they were still digging bodies out, people at the White House were thinking, 'This gives us the opportunity we've been looking for to go after Iraq'." Presently, the Bush regime's minions are fanning out around the corporate media with yet more deception in a frantic attempt at damage repair.

Clarke, who was a registered Republican when the Bush regime captured the White House, is another in a growing list of conservatives who are bailing out on the regime and its questionable policies. Last month, U.S. Air Force, Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski, who retired from the Pentagon where she worked in tandem with the secretive Office of Special Plans, revealed how neo-conservative operatives cooked the books on intelligence to make the case for invading Iraq. Prior to that, former Treasury Secretary, Paul O'Neil made a similar case for White House deceptions. As the 9/11 Commission meets in Washington, and where Clarke will testify today, questions about intelligence and how it was handled by the White House will be center stage. However, a lot of unanswered questions regarding 9/11 remain and there is increasing speculation that the regime's long list of lies has come back to haunt them.

The invasion of Iraq and the White House's handling of 9/11 are not the only problems faced by the Bush regime. Seeping into the media are accusations that the Bush team intends to gut social security and is purposely trying to bankrupt the federal government so that corporations can privatize what remains of the public domain. Further, concerns are growing among people in the U.S. over the rise in political repression in the nation, fostered by Washington in the wake of 9/11. It will be interesting to see how the White House fairs during this year's presidential campaign. The event culminates at the Republican National Convention in New York City, not far from the site of the fallen Trade Towers, and a good many New Yorkers are not at all pleased with the regime's deceptive use of that tragedy in an attempt to promote their neo-conservative agenda.

Democracy Now on 9/11 Cover-up

NYC Indymedia

Counter Convention


So What?

flyboy 24.Mar.2004 16:10

I hate to say it, but so what? It's no surprise to many of us that a large segment of the ruling class wants to get rid of Bush. They recognize his approach to the world as being reckless (Read: Bad for profits). They want to replace an idiot, bellicose imperialist with a more refined, crafty one who is easier for the rest of the world to stomach. But so what if the Republican war becomes a Democratic one? It's still an immoral, illegal war.

Any sign that Kerry will reign in Sharon? I can't see it happening.

Vote for Kerry. It doesn't take much effort and may mitigate a teensy bit of the damage, but don't let your energy get sucked into a system that's rotten to the core. Unless we can find ways to build a real movement toward revolutionary change, we'll see the continuing decay of the planet. Rainbow Warriors of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your rains!

the tyranny of an imbalanced and weakened American democracy

James 24.Mar.2004 17:49

flyboy's nailed it in one: as presently expressed, the system for American democracy is rotten. our core democractic ideals remain intact, but the entire system has been co-opted by transnational corporations masquerading as political parties and religious organizations. one of my friends says 'forget about separation of church and state, what we need is separation of corporation and state': this rings even more true when you realize that the right wing institutions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are largely influenced by right wing secular political beliefs and these religions have been co-opted themselves by extremist neocons.

We have allowed evil to reign for our comfort...

doll 24.Mar.2004 18:41

Flyboy and James are right! But this did not happen accidentally or because we were doing something else when these devils crawled in through the bathromm window at the White House for a drink. They got voted in by millions and that has been happening for over 100 years and we continue to look the other way because we are the minion beneficiaries of evil immoral imperialism. The real benficiaries are of course the ruling elite but as a nation we have ot fared to badly compared to what we have forced on the rest of the world. It is not just about not doing it again; its also about undoing the harm and hundreds of millions of lives this moral decadence has caused. But the main goal for all right now is to ensure that Bush and company are ousted, tried and imprisioned.


you know. 24.Mar.2004 18:51

this is a pointless feature and I have always expected more from global indy. SO WHAT. bush lied, that is clear to everyone, can the indy news teams come up with something more interesteing than beating a dead horse?

can we get some kind of reporting on grassroots movements? i dont care about the rresident, the election, "the war", I care about how people are resisting this and how they are building alternatives. what the hell do "global features" care about.

I dont know much about the rest of the world, thats for sure, but I would think that they give more of a shit about grassroots struggles, not the dictator in the empire. they are resisting like we are, they have struggles of their own, why does this site keep ttouting american troubles are something more than the rest of the world.

I dont know if the americans on this site looked around lately, but fuck, we in america do not live in the third world, even the homeless people here have it good compared to the people in palestine. think about it, expound problems globally. tell me something good, i dont want to see this site as an alternative to corporate media, i want to see it as a tactical way of disseminating information and tactics. What are they doing in argentina, venezuela, does anyone know that about whats going on in cyprus? do you know where cyprus is?

Sorry to be so damn offensive and critical, but c'mon check your nationality at the door and use the breadth of this site for something better than this. I will stick to my local if thats the case.

look around

max_cap@hotmail.com 24.Mar.2004 19:05

hey blah,
try using the sidebar on the left side - you may be amzaed to find connections to info from all around the world - if you're looking for artcles on a specific topic you can find those as well. Think about posting "tactics" online and also consider the heavy monitoring of indy by authorities . . .
try leading yourself instead of waiting for things to be spelled out by others

America's problems are global problems

zyxwvuts 24.Mar.2004 21:39

Dear Blah,

You bring up some good points, but American news is very important to the progress of grassroots non-violence and social/ecological justice campaigns.

I definitely agree the grassroots struggles should be given the attention they need to be successful. However, problems in America are going to impact the rest of the world as well, and what happens in D.C. or Wall Street is going to have an influence on how we organize these struggles and what exactly we are fighting for and against.

If we are fighting empire, tyranny, and repression - then let's not be ignorant of the empire, tyrant, and the opresssor. Information is power, and it is the necessary twin of imagination that will give us the ability to make alternative choices and bring into being a more balanced, humanitarian, and sustainable world.

Please god

Red neck 25.Mar.2004 00:16

Not 4 gray years of John Heinz "Kerry". Pacifying the world to sleep with liberal platitudes. But, there’s still hope, the Network are still squarely behind dumbass.
NBC practically gave Condosleeza the whole show, never seen that before.

Clarke's record is impeccable?

Ken 25.Mar.2004 00:36

what the hell kind of statement is that?

Clarke is on record contradicting the ENTIRE premise of his book in a white house media interview in 2002. In fact, he says Bush ESCALATED the efforts against Al Qaeda by a factor of FIVE in March of 2001. Isn't the timing of his book release just a TEENSY BIT suspect?

Transcript of 2002 Interview:  http://www.foxnews.com/printer_friendly_story/0,3566,115085,00.html

DUH. Indymedia pounces on this like a fly on Sh*T.

Clarke was a top counterterrorism official for both the Clinton and Bush administrations. He said in the 2002 briefing that President Clinton (news - web sites) had a strategy for tackling al-Qaida, but that it languished for years because that administration could not resolve several thorny issues.

Bush officials reviewed those policies when they came into office, and decided to "INCREASE CIA resources, for example, for covert action FIVEFOLD, to go after al-Qaida," Clarke said in 2002.
In the 2002 briefing, Clarke said, "President Bush told us in March (2001) to stop swatting at flies and just solve this problem." That, he said, changed U.S. national security policy "from one of rollback to one of elimination."
At another point in the briefing, Clarke was directly asked if he believed the new Bush team had "animus" toward Clinton administration holdovers and Clinton administration policies.

Clarke responded: "If there was a general animus that clouded their vision, they might not have kept the same guy dealing with the terrorism issue. This is the one issue where the National Security Council leadership decided continuity was important and kept the same guy around, the same team in place. That doesn't sound like animus against the, uh, previous team to me."
Clarke also told reporters at the time that there were some recommendations passed along from the Clinton to Bush administrations as to how to pursue al Qaeda, "but there was no plan" as in a detailed plan of action.

Given that, Clarke said the Bush administration decided to leave the existing policy in place, "including all of the lethal covert action findings" allowing attempts to kill bin Laden, while initiating a new review designed to settle unresolved issues from the Clinton years and also to develop a new strategy for confronting al Qaeda.
"It has been an enormous privilege to serve you these last 24 months," said the Jan. 20, 2003, letter from Clarke to Bush. "I will always remember the courage, determination, calm, and leadership you demonstrated on September 11th." - Richard Clarke in his "resignation" letter to President Bush

Correct Link for "bankrupt"

mennonot 25.Mar.2004 16:37

The link "bankrupt link in the final paragraph of the above story is broken. The article it's probably trying to link to is this:



Gavin 25.Mar.2004 23:53

I thought that September 11 was used as an excuse to invade Afghanistan so that Unocal could put in their oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea to Pakistan and sell that oil to China, rather than an excuse to invade Iraq. The US government had been negotiating with the Taliban to let Unocal put the pipeline in but they wouldn't do it so they used September 11 as the excuse to destroy the Taliban and get the pipeline build anyway.
Iraq was within the sites of the oil industry for a long time but the immediate goal was oil for China from Afghanistan. As far as I am aware the oil pipeline never went in, in Afghanistan because there wasn't as much oil in the Caspian Sea afterall.

Pre-911 war plans are really no news

AmigaPhil 26.Mar.2004 01:06

From PNAC's "Rebuilding America's Defenses" (Sept. 2000, page 26) :
"The United States has for decades sought to play a more permanent
role in Gulf regional security. While the unresolved conflict
with Iraq provides the immediate justification, the need for a
substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the
issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein."

More on:

The BRussells Tribunal

WE, THE PEOPLE, want justice and democracy

Bush Ignored Terrorism Before 9/11

The Daily Mis-Lead (posted by AmigaPhil) 26.Mar.2004 01:16



In the face of Richard Clarke's well-documented testimony to the 9/11
commission yesterday, the White House is continuing to say that it made
counterterrorism its top priority upon coming into office in January 2001.
White House spokesman Scott McClellan, echoing similar comments from top
Administration officials, said that "this Administration made going after Al
Qaida a top priority from very early on" in the face of increased terror
warnings before 9/11 (1). But, according to the public record, the
Administration made counterterrorism such a "top priority" that it never
once convened its task force on counterterrorism before 9/11, attempted to
downgrade counterterrorism at the Justice Department, and held only two out
of more than one hundred national security meetings on the issue of
terrorism. Meanwhile, the White House was cutting key counterterrorism
programs -- Bush himself admitted that he "didn't feel the sense of
urgency" about terrorism before 9/11 (2).

According to the Washington Post, President Bush and Vice President Cheney
never once convened the counterterrorism task force that was established in
May 2001 (3) -- despite repeated warnings that Al Qaida could be planning to
hijack airplanes and use them as missiles. This negligence came at roughly
the same time that the Vice President held at least 10 meetings of his
Energy Task Force (4) and attended at least six meetings with Enron
executives (5).

Similarly, Newsweek reported that internal government documents show that,
before 9/11, the Bush Administration moved to "de-emphasize"
counterterrorism (6). When the "FBI officials sought to add hundreds more
counterintelligence agents" to deal with the problem, "they got shot down"
by the White House.

Additionally, the Associated Press reported in 2002 that "President Bush's
national security leadership met formally nearly 100 times in the months
prior to the Sept. 11 attacks yet terrorism was the topic during only two of
those sessions." This is consistent with evidence Clarke has presented
showing that his January 2001 "urgent" memo asking for a meeting of top
officials on the imminent Al Qaida threat was rejected for almost eight
months (7). At the time, the White House said that they simply "did not need
to have a formal meeting to discuss the threat" (8).

Finally, the White House threatened to veto efforts putting more money into
counterterrorism (9), tried to cut funding for counterterrorism grants (10),
delayed arming the unmanned airplanes (11) that had spotted bin Laden in
Afghanistan, and terminated "a highly classified program to monitor Al Qaida
suspects in the United States (12).

1. Press Briefing Scott McClellan, 03/22/2004,
2. The George W. Bush Presidency: An Early Assessment, 2003,
3. Statement by the President, 05/08/2001,
4. Process Used to Develop the National Energy Policy, US General Accounting
5. "Cheney: We Met With Enron Execs", ABC News, 01/09/2002,
6. Freedom of Information Center, 05/27/2002,
7. "Clarke's Take On Terror", CBS News, 03/21/2004,
8. "White House Rebuttal to Clarke Interview", Washington Post, 03/22/2004,
9. Freedom of Information Center, 05/27/2002,
10. "FBI Budget Squeezed After 9/11", Washington Post, 03/22/2004,
11. "Officials: U.S. missed chance to kill bin Laden", Helena Independent
Record, 06/25/2003,
12. "In the Months Before 9/11, Justice Department Curtailed Highly
Classified Program to Monitor Al Qaeda Suspects in the U.S.", PR Newswire,
03/21/2004,  http://daily.misleader.org/ctt.asp?u=1336442&l=24526.

Visit Misleader.org for more about Bush Administration distortion.


WE, THE PEOPLE, want justice and democracy

flip flops should be reserved to sandals.

Kilgore Trout 26.Mar.2004 06:22

"The threat of Saddam Hussein with weapons of mass destruction is real. He presents a grievous threat because he is so consistently prone to miscalculation." -- John Kerry, Georgetown University, January 2003

Hey Gavin

Bob 26.Mar.2004 16:36

Gavin, Just maybe, we invaded Afgahnistan becuase it harbored a group that tried to kill 50,000 American civilians on 9/11. Regardless of whether there was any negotiations, your buddies in the Taliban were through after their buddy Bin Laden tried to kill 50,000 of us under the presidency of George Bush.

What would you have done after 9/11? What would Gore or Kerry have done after 9/11?

Not only am I voting for Bush, I am going to try to be a local GOP delegate.

Ken "(De) Lay"

PartSN 26.Mar.2004 21:06

Ken Ken Ken -

You are frothing at the mouth, dude, and missing the point: people often forgive liars when they admit they've lied and ask forgivenss - Clark did, Bush & Co. haven't.

Besides, he was a partisan member of Bush's cabinet - basically PAID to lie in press conferences - geez, get a clue!

Clarkes profits of Bush and gets a lot of media attention, so what?

Guido 28.Mar.2004 16:17

Strategic planning
"For too many companies, Washington is a jumble of acronyms and an indecipherable procurement maze. Good Harbor provides clear and insightful counsel to help clients understand the government decision-making process, target the most attractive customer segments, and optimize the positioning of their products in the federal, state and local markets - particularly in the area of homeland security."



Richard A. Clarke is an internationally recognized expert on security, including homeland security, national security, cyber security, and counterterrorism. He is currently an on-air consultant for ABC News.

Clarke served the last three Presidents as a senior White House Advisor. Over the course of an unprecedented 11 consecutive years of White House service, he held the titles of:

- Special Assistant to the President for Global Affairs
- National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism
- Special Advisor to the President for Cyber Security

Prior to his White House years, Clarke served for 19 years in the Pentagon, the Intelligence Community, and State Department. During the Reagan Administration, he was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence. During the Bush (41) Administration, he was Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs and coordinated diplomatic efforts to support the 1990-1991 Gulf War and the subsequent security arrangements.

As Chairman of Good Harbor Consulting, LLC, Clarke advises clients on a range of issues including:

- Corporate security risk management
- Information security technology
- Dealing with the Federal Government on security and IT issues
- Counterterrorism


June 30, 2003

"Emergency Responders: Drastically Underfunded, Dangerously Unprepared

Jamie Metzl, Project Director, Independent Task Force on Emergency Responders
Warren Rudman, Chair, Independent Task Force on Emergency Responders
Richard Clarke, Senior Adviser, Independent Task Force on Emergency Responders"


"Just three days after publication, the book went into its fifth printing, with 500,000 copies in print, according to Free Press, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. Against All Enemies ranked No. 1 on Amazon.com as of late Friday, and retailers have reported non-stop demand.

"It's the publishing phenomenon of the year," said Gabriel Voiles, a manager at Coliseum Books in New York. "We cannot keep it in stock for more than two hours at a time."


"The survey found 57 percent of voters said they approved of the way Bush had handled the war on terrorism and homeland security, down from a high of 70 percent two months ago. The results of the poll were posted on Newsweek's Web site.

The poll was conducted after Clarke's televised appearance before a 9/11 panel last week and the release of his book that details his allegations."


Who profits of the book from Clarke?

Clarke himself, than his company "goodharbor"(consulting firm on homeland security), the military industrial complex can sell and invest now once more in security(polls are a way a manipulation, there results therefor also, the results show no trust in homeland security, so the reults of the poll will be taken as a guide to high up security and who prfits of that?).

Also, less attention on the war in Iraq.

For the second time, an ex-official of the fascist V.S.-administration talks about what is wrong with this administration, nice way to sell a book, funny to see how it works everytime.

Is it because somebody says waht "you think", you have the be less critical?

The story,news,...about the book came by the for big pressorgans(Reuters, AP, AFP,...),

Why just take it as good and forget to be critical?

7 terms only 4 presidents

paxus 29.Mar.2004 13:13

i love your reporting, but please get the details right. Clarke served in 4 administrations (Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2) which span 7 terms, but not 7 presidents.

2 Questions for Dr. Rice

History Buff 29.Mar.2004 18:32

How did you know to warn San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown not to fly on 9-11? And why did you not warn the nation?


Yes, 7 Presidents

sgt. friday 31.Mar.2004 17:59

I have Clarke's book in front of me. It says he served under seven presidents and in the Whitehouse under three. Check yur' facts before going off.

The Democrat/Republican 9/11 Conspiracy, Richard Clarke.

Lloyd Hart 31.Mar.2004 21:18

The Democrat/Republican 9/11 Conspiracy, Richard Clarke.

By Lloyd hart

As we have seen in the recent history of the United States of America when the conservative elites and their pals the U.S. military throw a temper tantrum like when they murdered president John F. Kennedy for not handing them Vietnam on the presidential silver platter Republicans come out swinging on the generals and Conservative elites behalf, Democrats feign opposition and vote complicity to cover up the crime so that the entire elite control of the U.S. economy foreign and domestic does not completely unravel as a result of the public actually using the levers of what available democracy there is in America.

This is why I am warning all those that have researched and are researching the truth around the attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001 (9/11), do not put your hopes of getting at the truth openly and publicly in former terrorism czar Richard Clarke who recently testified before the 9/11 commission, that the Bush regime did not do enough to stop the 9/11 attacks. That had the Bush regime shook the intelligence tree hard enough they would have come up with two of the hijackers the FBI had tracked coming in to the U.S..

In reality, Richard Clarke is simply the New York Council on Foreign Relations answer to the vexing exchange of 9/11 Research over the Internet that has found the smoking gun, that North American Air Defense System (NORAD) Air Guard sized elephant sitting in the room of the 9/11 commission's public hearings last week that no one would acknowledge but yet was dropping elephant dung all over the two party criminal conspiracy to cover up what happened on September 11, 2001.

Instead of belaboring the facts around what the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has already testified to at the 9/11 commission concerning the failure of NORAD and the Air Guard to follow well established procedures in intercepting errant off course aircraft in North American airspace I would rather let a member of the British Parliament, a former member of Tony Blair's cabinet Michael Meacher explain what actually happened on 911. Michael Meacher published the following article in the mainstream British newspaper The Guardian last September which basically lays it all out.


Richard Clarke along with the corporate media and almost every Democrat and Republican in the United States has not once publicly mentioned the name of the former head of anti-terrorism in the United States who had become deputy director of the FBI's New York office in charge of national security, go to guy for Richard Clark and Bill Clinton throughout the '90s, senior FBI agent John O'Neil.

I have been waiting for over two years now for the evidence that was brought out very early by two French intelligence community researchers Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasquie' in their book "Forbidden Truth" published early in 2002 that has John O'Neil discussing in an interview with them his resigning from the FBI in protest because he was told by the Bush regime when it came to power, to back off Osama bin laden, back off Al Qaeda and back off the Taliban.

The many revelations in Brisard and Dasquie's book "Forbidden Truth" are too many to discuss here but the glaring omission of FBI Deputy Director John O'Neil, head of anti-terrorism investigations from the public discussions within the United States and its publicly mandated commission to get to the bottom of what happened on 9/11 reveals complicity of not just conservative elites but of liberal elites as well in a criminal conspiracy to cover up what actually occurred on September 11, 2001.

With Senator John Kerry recently swearing allegiance to unilateral military action in order to maintain U.S. economic control over the resources of the world's poorest nations both Conservative and Liberal elites can now accept his presidency. Especially now that the perception has been created thanks to Richard Clarke that both Clinton and Bush screwed up on terrorism and not just Clinton. So by framing the debate between Richard Clark and Richard Perle who were put on a Sunday political talk show circuit opposite of each other this week, the debate is no longer nor will it ever be "what happened on September 11th. 2001?" but rather "was Iraq the correct course for the war on terrorism?" as opposed to "is the war on terrorism simply just a front for U.S. military and economic global dominance which will also benefit Europe and Russia?" The end result being the same trade off as the Vietnam War after the generals murdered JFK, the generals and conservative elites get the war on terrorism, the liberal elites get their social, environmental engineering personal guilt trip boil lancing programs.

This elitist debate might not be of the greatest importance to the self imposed ignorant middle class's in the United States but they are to the world's poorest people. The reason being, that if the liberal and conservative elites in the U.S. and Europe are allowed to avoid their responsibility for leading us into the global environmental crisis we are now in as a result of their feudal control of the Global colonial economy over the entire history of the Industrial Revolution that crushed forests, erased wetlands, poisoned the air and water leading to a global Health crisis, the only future we can look forward to is one of war over what little resources are left. A war in which millions will die, between the world's rich and the world's poor over the collapsing global fresh water supply and the global food supply that relies on it.

The fact is with Russia being bought off by the U.S. reinstating Russia's $9 billion Iraqi oil contract Russia's extensive satellite and ground spying apparatus will most likely now look the other way while the Bush regime plants weapons of mass destruction albeit a small stash on Iraqi soil which will be found for a perfectly timed October surprise which will give the conservative elites the opportunity to out maneuver the liberal elites and keep the Bush regime in the White House. Because, as it turns out the capture of Osama bin laden will not matter anywhere near as much as the discovery of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Ironic isn't.

Oh, the webs the elites weave. The wars between the conservative and liberal elites have left behind a trail of blood a mile deep, a mile wide and all of history long. With the destruction of the world's resources and the creation of systemic poverty for the majority of the people that live on an earth that had no intention of anyone living in poverty, it is now time to democratize not which devil will dictate to the world from the White House but rather to democratize the world's food and fresh water supply for distribution to all life on this planet. This means the elites must back off from their conspiracies to maintain power or face their own extinction from the resulting war against the "war on terrorism." The rich always conspire to stay rich which means they will always conspire against democracy even if it means murdering their own people in their own nation states to do so.

In this day and age of the instantaneous free flow of information over the Internet and dwindling natural resources this feudal pattern cannot survive. And ironically if the elites shut down the Internet in order to maintain control the emotional reaction from Internet users will most likely result in the elite's extinction as much as maintaining control of the world's resources will. In other words, Catch-22 has been turned inside out in the 21st century.

The Alternative 9/11 Investigation:




URCRANIUM DELETION 31.Mar.2004 23:36



"Its elementary Whatson, there is only one reason that the watchdogs do not bark at a theif in the night. It is because the watchdogs knew the thief and it is a friend they see every day."

In the case of the demolition of the World Trade centers and the bombing of the non-combat, under construction army offices at the pentagon on september 11th, the thiefs brought the watchdogs a huge honied ham in the form of insider trading done on airline and re-insurance company stocks prior to the execution of "OPERATION NORTHWOODS"

Ladies and gentelman, Allah does not serve pork to infidell insider traders.


skank bush's attempt at having house parties supporting him

wt 02.Apr.2004 09:02

hey lets all party for bush. Once the fatcats come over give em antiwar propaganda.


Party for the President < Home

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