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Critical Mass cyclists say goodbye to Tooker Gomberg


Tooker Gomberg - cyclist
Tooker Gomberg - cyclist

Critical Mass cyclists took to the streets of Canadian cities in memorial and celebration of environmentalist, cycling and social justice activist Tooker Gomberg. Described by Ottawa Indymedia as "One of Canada's most daring and courageous political figures, Tooker was a friend, co-conspirator and guiding light to so many of us. A selfless trailblazer, Tooker's absence will be felt in Canada's environmental, labour, social justice, human rights, arts and music communities - and around the world. We invite you to join in reflection, mourning and celebration of such an exemplary writer, activist, politician, videographer and comedian."

IMC Reports: Vancouver, Maritmes, Hamilton, Alberta, Victoria)

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More details please...

Carlos Desperdicio 29.Mar.2004 10:26

How did Tooker Gomberg die? Was he related to Ben Gomberg, himself a Canadian as well as the current (or erstwhile) City of Chicago Dept. of Transportation "Bike Czar"? As for the relational question, the resemblance is uncanny -- I'm willing to guess that Tooker was Ben's dad.

I never knew Tooker, but wish I had

Takver 29.Mar.2004 14:08

The answer to the above question may lie in the reports on the Canadian IMCs, and outside links above.

But briefly, Tooker Gomberg was a Canadian activist involved in cycling, environmental campaigns, social justice, anti-war, recycling, homelessness. Former city councilor for Edmonton, stood for mayor of Toronto in 2000. One of those dedicated people who seldom makes the mainstream news, yet whose activism has left a marked impact. His bike and helmut were found on a bridge in early March, and it is presumed he committed suicide, after suffering from depression for the last few years. No body was found.

I never new him, had not heard of him before Sunday, but I was impressed with the tributes on the Canadian IMCs and other websites. It certainly appears he was widely known in activist circles across Canada. I'll lift my bike to him at the next Critical Mass I attend in Melbourne.

Check out:
Artistry in Activism
He was the grain of sand that stopped the machine
by Loic Jounot
Originally published in NOW magazine, independent Toronto weekly


Farewell, Tooker
Master Stuntman, Writer and Policy Wonk was Greenspiration to us all
Guerrilla activist and NOW correspondent Tooker Gomberg is leaving a legacy that will fire social movements for years to come.
by Wayne Roberts
Originally published in NOW magazine, independent Toronto weekly


read some of the writings of Tooker and his partner Angela Bischoff

tooker film fest

kelly 01.Apr.2004 23:47

On april 22 in Edmonton Alberta at the Metro Cinema 9 pm
and in Toronto, April 26, 7 pm. OISE

video screenings of tookers life's work in video.