Indonesia: Ballot Boycott

West Papuans Boycott Indonesian Elections

60 per cent of People in West Papua boycotted parliamentary elections held on Monday 5th April, including almost every native Papuan (40% of the population are Indonesian transmigrants). A group of 20 OPM (Free Papua Movement) attacked and capsized a boat carrying ballots, killing one police officer. The boycott has brought with it an increase in police deployment in villages across Papua. In the weeks prior to the elections, police shot dead two people and hospitalised three under the suspicion of campaigning for the boycott.

[West Papua News | Amnesty Report On Indonesia | Melbourne IMC]

In the Aceh province many also engaged in a boycott, with a report by TAPOL indicating British Scorpion tanks being used and "people being forced to vote by the military and of dozens of people being arrested for refusing to leave their village to vote".

There is also evidence of 50% of the students in the Javanese city of Yogyakarta refused to vote. The Indonesian Government has been superficial in its lack of results announcement, stating that a lack of ballot papers has delayed the election.

Solidarity demonstrations were held in London, Sydney, Washington DC and Hague. Demonstrators in London bannered both sides of the Embassy informing compulsory voters of their government's true actions.