A17: International Day of Farmers' Struggle


A17:  MST occupies the INCRA office
A17: MST occupies the INCRA office

After the massacre of landless on the 17th of April 1996 in Brazil, in which 19 were killed and 69 injured by paramilitaires, Via Campesina (es, en, fr) has declared this day as the International Day of Farmers' Struggle (es, en). In a global campaign for Agrian Reform, Via Campensina calls for a change of the land and rural policies of the World Bank, but numerous other issues are taken up on this Global Day of Action. This year, actions took place in at least 26 countries.

In Latin America, a continental campaign against the FTAA (ALCA) called for protests against the new bi-lateral freetrade agreement TLC between Ecuador and the US (es, en). Actions took place on 15 April in Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Columbia and Venezuela (all es).

In Brazil (pt), the Landless Farmers Movement (MST) occupied the officies of INCRA, the National Office of Agricultural Reform.

In Europe, numerous (de) smaller actions and events took place, for example in supermarkets [1, 2, demanding fair prices for agricultural products, but also protesting against GM food [1, 2, 3 (de)]. In Germany, the a national demonstration took place for a GM-free agriculture(de). [ Via Campensina (en, es, fr) | Peoples Global Action (PGA) (en, es, fr, de) | biotechimc | ftaaimc ]


As WE ALL Know

Sun Shine(Big R) 21.Apr.2004 08:34

Dearest Solidarity(Solid) Friends!
I read that the U.S. is backing the Thai government in Thailand against the Northern Tribes. As you can read yourself, that I came across another country they are supporting in destroying People's FREEdom! All of the World Summits and meetings that Bush and other Countries go to together are supported by the U.S. and the taxpayers money...Since bush is behind this and his background is you know what(Nazism) and after these meetings you see around the world that the "govenments" and militia(military police and police) are taking over by taking our rights away from us. Even our water, food and liberty especially.
Some countries are Worse then others!! In Australia and in Vancouver, British Columbia(Canada) we had to protest(and boycott) to the Universities. The administration and government higher costs for eduacation and then turn around and Take money away from Health Care - even less money for different levels of Schools and Senior Citizens Homes Plus Day Care as well. In British Columbia Gordon Campbell is Premier and in Alberta, Canada it is Ralph Klein - he is as bad as Mr. Campbell - he passed a "law" that Calgarians or was it Edmontonians couldn't meet in a part that had 3 or more in a group. They sure went out and protested against that in a huge way. I love my brothers and sisters in Calary and Edmonton. NO ONE has to stand for OPRESSION and Slavery!!!
They also slowly take over the land of their particular country, like in Northern Thailand and literally Destroy People's Very LIVES. The Forest company is behind this as well!!! The "Baptists" are behind this too!!! Everyone as much as possible should email and snail mail all the Baptist churches they can to PROTEST what these "christians" are doing in Thailand(Destroying families and spreading violent music to their young in there villages without the elders consent)
In other parts of the world they take over the water supply and poison our water with arsenic and mercury which is in the oceans in our tuna like down in Washington State and Oregon in the U.S.
If we let them - Corporations are in with the "govenments" as well - we have only ourselves to blame. If we do nothing, then what will be left for Our Children and Their Future?? as in The Corporation - the movie is out in theatres now.
Way 2 Go, Everyone that is trying to Protect our Earth and every LIVING Being on it When he/she possibley can!!! Even if you can do nothing but Pray for us and just think of a POSITIVE Outcome then that will be sufficient because we all Pull Together with our Spirit and Vibes as well and that Shows that GOOD will Always over come evil!!