Earth Day: like a day of mourning


machine trashes Earth
machine trashes Earth

As Earth Day is marked in many nations it seems meaningless to some when few effective actions are seriously taken by industry and government to stem the growing tide of environmental degradation. The collapse of the bio-sphere is no longer wild speculation. Science confirms climatic disruption and seemingly endless sources of pollution are endangering all life on planet Earth. Issues like bio-diversity, forest health, and ecologically sound transportation, to name but a few, go largely unaddressed. Attempts to change business as usual on Mother Earth continue, however it is a daunting struggle.

Adding insult to injury, the largest polluting nation on Earth, is represented by an administration with the worst environmental record in history. Today, George Bush visited the state of Maine in the U.S. in an attempt to "greenwash" his regime's horrendous environmental record. He was, of course, met with protests. Meanwhile, back in Washington, DC activists held a press conference during the IMF/World Bank actions condemning the Bush regime's policies. While on the West Coast the ELF has reportedly trashed some gas guzzling SUVs for Earth Day.

E-Day in Netherlands

Zero Waste Day in India

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Grist for the mill

Grist fan 23.Apr.2004 01:59

U.K. Report Warns of Rising Flood Dangers and Costs

The U.K. government marked Earth Day with characteristic British cheer, releasing a report warning that much of the country is going to experience flooding in coming decades. According to an expert government panel, the cost of physical and psychological damage from floods in the U.K. is likely to rise from $1.8 billion a year now to some $35.5 billion a year over the next century, thanks to climate change. Lest optimistic enviros be allowed some hope, the report points out that even if substantial international efforts are made to curtail greenhouse-gas emissions, the costs will still double. The report recommends a range of immediate bad-TV-movie-sounding precautions, from relocating oil refineries inland to abandoning parts of some urban areas to create flood channels. Potential flood-related problems include waterborne pollution, destroyed sewer mains, psychological stress, and, uh, lots of things that used to be above water being under water.

straight to the source: BBC News, 22 Apr 2004

straight to the source: The Guardian, Paul Brown, 22 Apr 2004

straight to the source: The Guardian, Paul Brown, 22 Apr 2004

Earth Day, Los Alamos, a farce.

Babyboomer 23.Apr.2004 16:26

This is a small unprofessioanal report on the earth day acivities from Los Alamos:

We planted flowers at UNM Los Alamos to brighten the school. The next day Fri, 4/23/04 starts the beginning of the Los Alamos Historical Society Conference focusing on World War II. Not much said about the tragedy of it all. We are in a deep sleep of denial up here in Atomic City.

Marking Earth Day Inc.

Geoffrey Johnson 24.Apr.2004 12:05

Welcome to Earth Day 2004, brought to you by petroleum powers, big-box
developers, old-growth loggers and chemically dependent coffee
companies trying to paint their public image green.....

let the power-mad government folks suck their thumbs...

heimo 24.Apr.2004 13:33

Feel betrayed by "your" government? Well, if the government represents The Nation, then as soon we stop taking the nationalist lie; as we abandon our national flags, anthems, teams, statues and all the other symbols (whose basic idea was created in the Great French Revolution) along with our national identity (yes, you really don't need it, and it's possible to live without it!), as soon as we won't go anymore to our so-called national capital to demonstrate in the name of "The People", as soon as we stop reminding ourselves and each other of the constructed national divisions (nationalist jokes for example)... then what? The governments will be left with no-one, nothing, to represent!

Where nations are protected by borders, museums, history, armies, national schooling etc, the cultures will remain more or less static: national cultures are sick, almost dead even. Where cultures meet without boundaries, new hybrid cultures will emerge and the richness and vitality of life will multiply.

We don't need leaders, but the leaders need us.

Get a life!

Strip Miner 02.May.2004 11:24

Why don't all you sniveling, sob-sister commie eco-freaks just stay home & kint your armpit hairs together.