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Clown Army engages war profiteers: 20 arrests


Blockading a tank
Blockading a tank

More than 70 people took part in an action organised against the Weapons Defence Industry Association conference held at Te Papa in New Zealand on Tuesday. The action, which was organised by Peace Action Wellington, involved a large sit-in/blockade by the Aotearoa Revolutionary Clown Army in front of Te Papa which lasted for about two and a half hours, and also a blockade in front of an armoured vehicle. Twenty people in all were arrested, with charges ranging from obstruction, trespass and assault of police officers. [Initial Report | Full Report | Photos 1 | Photos 2.

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Conference attendee's sleep was disturbed when a wake-up call erupted outside their hotel early on Tuesday morning. Looking rather tired, they were also privileged to "meet and greet" as they attempted to make their way to the conference the morning after.

Protesters gathered outside the Duxton hotel on Wednesday night with drums and noise-making equipment, yelling at delegates entering and causing a significant disruption to the war-profiteers inside. Mark Burton, Minister of Defence, was chased up into a parking complex where his car was stopped and surrounded.

The conference was host to an international assortium of weapons manufacturers including Halliburton, General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin, as well as a range of New Zealand companies. [More Information]

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very rude tactics

chris 20.Oct.2005 13:19

How dare you disturb the sleep of these hard-working and responsible businessmen? They are not responsible for how their products are used by other people and their dilligence helps keep economies around the world running and just regimes in place.

The sad thing is, there's alotta people out there who'd agree with what i wrote.
Who are the facists in yer neighborhood?

Seriously though, getting together at the shareholder meetings is a great idea and helps bring the message directly to the people profitting most directly from the global killing machine. Keep tactics agile though, becuz as fast as we adapt to changing security measures, they've got entire corporations devoteed to supression - funny though, I'd like to think we've got the majority of the world on "our" side.